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for all my friends · February 2010

February 2010

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san francisco’s annual chinese new years parade brought absolutely everyone down to chinatown and downtown.  there was also a street fair on grant, starting at columbus:


and without the rain, the roads were dry.  well, most of them.


riding fast was a chore, everyone was out and about today.  and I saw mission cycles’ picture from this morning, the marin trail was flooded, once again.  I sure hope it’s clear in the morning.

ALPINE DAM IN THE AM.  that’s what’s up.

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fillmore fridays.


the expendables, iration, pour habit, passafire, and roots down below at the fillmore last night.  lead singer of the expendables was wearing a “DINO BABIES” shirt…wondering where I can get one now, ha!  it was an amazing show.

big thanks to mangalpal for the ticket, and keith for being a G.


lucky penny.


rai was heading out and heard something, thought it was his pedal…it was not.  phil wood drivetrain, that’s what’s UP.



the weather has been unpredictable over the past couple days.  I guess it’s hard predicting precipitation and weather patterns to an exact degree and percentage, but nonetheless, it cleared up this afternoon.  thursday will be clear, and friday the rain comes back.

we’ll see what happens.  I think I’ll drop off the cannondale track at freewheel hayes to get the bike checked out.  haven’t brought it back since they built it up.  I think a new pc-7x is in order.  and I’ll have them chop the fork down to 1 5mm spacer.  delicious.

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titanium frame with edge 1.0 track fork, stem, shallow drops, and seatpost.  then custom phil wood high flange hubs to edge composite rims?  SNAP.

indy fab gets ready for NAHBS

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case of the mondays?  marinoni pista to save the day!

quite a beautiful build, from the cinelli stem to 3ttt drops, very classy all the way.  miche primato hubs to fir ea 65s, white tires (zaffiro front, rando rear), this bike is thorough.  check the rest of the components on his velospace – see above for link.

as a side note, it’s perfect sunny weather here in san francisco, slightly brisk, but not raining.  unfortunately, my lg dare is suffering from FBS – fail battery syndrome, and has been losing it’s charge within a day when several week back, it was able to hold for days at a time with heavy use.  that means no daily snap at the legion of honor tonight.  not like there’s much to see from those images anyway.  a new phone or point-and-shoot canon camera will have to wait though.  there’s something much more ride oriented on the horizon.  ha!

I was all about them.  too bad we don’t have cable.  but this is just as good, if not better:


lots of people out today, I guess everyone senses the coming rain.  had a nice short run with a guy, I forget what he was riding, but he was fast – took me forEVER to catch him.  as I snapped this picture, he passed, gave me the nod.  never caught him after that, surely had a minute on me through 7 sisters and held it all the way to panoramic highway.


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yesterday, I saw gavin newsom’s twitter post, he was requesting questions for his weekly san francisco video update.  I tweeted to him, and today, he answered a handful of questions, one of them was mine.

he answers my question at 10:20 – video.

I’m glad he’s got a sense of humor.  keep on keeping on, newsom.



a lovely french pursuit – tinazzi with columbus cromor

the paint job is absolutely beautiful.  world championship stripes on the seat-tube and head-tube.  pink to black gradients against white, very classy.  miche primato 36h hubs laced to campagnolo omega v’s, 3x drive, radial non-drive rear.  STURDY!  crankset to boot.

my only gripe is the stem length (and pedals, but let’s not mention that).  glad I came across this bike, makes me love classy pursuits once again.

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looks like the rain is coming back.  maybe…not quite sure what 30% means when sometimes it rains horribly, and other times it’s perfectly clear.  30% means “hey, we’re not sure if it’s going to rain, but the conditions say MAYBE.  30% is like the happy medium between we’re ‘just friends’ but ‘could be more’.”

as an unrelated side-note, I had quite an interesting dream last night.  I was at my old grammar school watching portions of the building deteriorate, and slide off into the playground.  the main building was slanted to the left, as if an earthquake had hit it.  somehow, I found myself carrying my bike inside to the 2nd floor, where I was writing down my name on a long, narrow piece of metal.  then all of a sudden the categories on the plate (first name, last name, time, etc.) turned into bicycle measurements: actual top-tube length, seat-tube angle, head-tube angle…the floor started shaking, and the whole room shifted to the right, and I was sure it’d collapse.  I jetted out with some other people, forgetting my bike in the room.  we went outside to watch the building fall over, but it never did.

damn, that was a wacky dream.

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