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for all my friends · March 2010

March 2010

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decided to climb up to coit tower via lombard.  it was quite the trek on a bmx bike, but well worth it.  the views of the golden gate bridge, north beach, and marina are sick.  chilled around the embarcadero a bit, decided to head towards SOMA.


can’t wait to head out later today.  the weather’s been holding…downtown it’s all partly cloudy.  and the sun is warm.

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bike and seek.


‘sploring new spots via bmx.


until my new catlike kompact comes, I’m riding around on my bmx bike.  it’s definitely a lot slower around town, but a bigger core and upper body workout.  I look hilarious riding around such a small bike going 10-15mph just spinning out.

at least I’m still mobile.  the weather’s going to be on and off all week anyway.  I’d take a screenshot of the forecast, but I just checked it again just now and it said that thursday it would be partly cloudly.  earlier today I checked and it said 50% chance of rain.  at least I’m not missing out on awesome weather, haha.


on friday night, I walked over to chrome for their art opening, “once a lurker, always a lurker.”  the work was done by a local artist, bo heimlich.

Lurker Flyer.indd

the art work was composed of old timely photos with her hand-drawn characters strategically placed onto the photos themselves.  there was a large illustration hanging behind where the cash register would be, all done with what looked to be a magnum tip sharpie.  2 of her characters where fighting for the limelight in the piece, it was epic.  the piece itself must’ve been at least 4×6′.  and the hatching patterns on the tentacles were just meticulous.  I’d love to have it hanging in the front entrance of my house, it was sick.

while at chrome, I got a text from ben (owns the yamaguchi aero track, and serotta colorado) asking if I wanted to ride to san jose tomorrow with him and some guys coming up from sj.  apparently we were taking a more hilly route on road bikes.

fast forward to 12 hours later – we’re riding down to san jose on our road bikes, and I take a spill on the caad9.  john, the guy in front of me began to coast while we were riding in a group, only ben was behind me.  my hands were at the tops of the bars, and I began to coast also.  my front wheel sucked the draft of john’s rear, and before I knew it, the front tire rubbed his, I lost traction on it, and flipped to the ground.  my left arm, hip, and helmet took the most damage – just bruising and some rash.  the helmet is totaled, cracked through and through.  the bike, for the most part, is fine.  the shifters are scraped (damn IT).  I finished the ride, it was roughly 10 or 20 miles in…and the ride was 82.


I was just glad to get back on caltrain, so we could head home.  bennett rode with us until san mateo (on caltrain).  that’s his bmc, slt01.  in fact, there were 3 of them on the ride, and 1 cervelo aluminum soloist.  people are bringing the heat…

I have carbon clinchers for the road bike enroute, pictures and a nice writeup to follow.  I’m off the road and track bike until my catlike comes.  riding the bmx around until then.  yea…it’s not the same.


get ti’ed up.


moots taken from sffixed, originally taken from prolly is not probably.

there’s not too much left to say.  carbon clinchers in the near future.


new bike day.


my new, stock kink curb, straight off of ebay.  full build on velospace (but I’m telling you, it’s stock, haha!).  it came in the mail on monday.

I’ve wanted a bmx for a while now, decided to get one finally.  all I want to do with it is work on my hops (think, plyometrics), balance, and have a good time on a cheap, beatable bike.  it’s definitely the complete opposite of the cannondales, but has it’s own place in the grand scheme of things.  my shoulders and back have been burning for the last 2 days.  I’m hoping it’ll also improve my endurance on the other bikes, since you’re standing most of the time.  the short wheelbase makes the bike squirrelly at speed, but the ride is hilariously fun.  definitely keeping the back brake on there, it makes descending hills much easier.  so far, my ability to hop is none-existent.  however, I’ve only had the bike for not even a week, so I’m still optimistic, ha!  I’m going to keep riding the bike in hopes that it’ll make me stronger in ways that a track and road bike could not.  lung capacity seems to be at the forefront of these things…might seem like it’d be the issue with the other bikes, however I find myself resting more on the bmx than my other bikes – I think this is because the effort exerted to pedal a bike without sitting down is more intensive for numerous reasons: you’re standing and moving your legs in a circular motion, your arms are torquing the bike side to side, and the gear inches available are limited considering the bike only has 1 gear.  the drivetrain on the kink is currently 36×16, roughly 42 gear inches.  it’s not bad, but don’t expect anything above 14mph flatland speed.  it seems counter-intuitive to ride this bike in the street, you’d think.  it is quite the workout though, and just plain fun.

and in the end, that’s all that matters.

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hold up.


colnago c50 carbon pista – flickr.  and of course it’d be murdered out.




out and about, took the cannondale track out again.  weather was a bit more chill than yesterday, but it was sunny nonetheless.

mid-week ain’t got sh*t on me.

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sunny days.


decided to take the caad track out for a spin today, paradise loop.  it was ridiculously warm out today, quite nice for a change.

I have to take this bike out on more marin joy rides, it’s way too fun.

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yesterday, I went over to freewheel to drop off my caad track, the fixed phil wood bottom bracket had arrived a couple days earlier – if you remember, the spindle was creaking under no load at all, freewheel promptly sent it back.  while walking back home from the shop, I thought about throwing on the setback thomson I had used on the samson, onto the caad9.  I mean hell, pro cyclists use setback seatposts for a reason, more quad power to the pedals.  or at least that’s what it feels like.


this morning, I was taking care of bznz, got out the door a bit late, but still hit up alpine dam.  to my surprise, it wasn’t too crowded out, which was nice.


I’m sold on setback.  my legs are completely demolished, and for good reason.  I was putting down more power from my quads, up a gear in almost every climb.  the position is a bit more stretched out, obviously, but it’s not bad.

when I drop off the caad9 at the shop on wednesday to get the front hub tightened up, I’m going to place an order for a setback thomson masterpiece in black, for the bike.  the silver one will go to the caad track.

anyone interested in buying 2 thomson masterpiece zero setback seatposts?  one black and one silver, haaaaa!

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