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for all my friends · June 2010

June 2010

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bike nom.


sold my brake calipers and ultegra 6700 shifters, and stopped by freewheel for some BIKE NOMS!  never tried gels before, so I took a little sample pack with some advice from travis.  some heed for my bottles mid-ride, and recoverite for recovery drinks post-ride.  VERY stoked.  thus far, I’ve been on water.  and it works…to the maximum extent of water.  but it’s time to step up my game.




opted for a long ride today, alpine dam to paradise loop.  had an awkward chat with some day-touring folks about where mt. tam was.  actually, I didn’t really chat with them, a runner that was passing by on blithdale did.  they asked, “where’s mt. tam?”.  I started explaining it, and the runner goes, “see that mountain right there?” – he points to the top of camino alto.  “THAT’S MT. TAM.”

and then the light turned green, so I just left.  I mean, really though, you’re running in mill valley, someone such as yourself would know camino alto is not the same as mt. tam.  maybe I should’ve told them the real way.  oh well.

clocked in at around 5.5 hours, couple of water stops, and such.  tourists on the bridge…same OLD!

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I headed out this morning knowing it’d be mid-70s throughout marin.  what I didn’t anticipate was non-functional legs mid-ride on alpine dam.  I was planning on tacking on paradise to the end of it, but by time I came back around into mill valley, I knew my legs were shot.  racked in roughly 290 miles this week…but I’m rather disappointed in myself for not making it to 300.  just sitting here I’m exhausted.

hope this week is better.  the goal is at least 300.  and more power at threshold.  WE NEED MORE POWER, CAPTAIN.

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phone fail.

met up with justin this morning at the bridge.  we hustled a paradise loop on track bikes.  wasn’t too windy going out, but coming back through marin, it started to pick up a bit.  we set a nice tempo the entire ride, it was nice enjoying the weather in marin for a change.  crushed the climb out of sausalito and got props from an older road biker in a mission cycling kit.

then I got home, and attempted to upload the picture I took with my phone, and somewhere along the way, it got corrupted…?  I don’t see how, considering I saved it on the spot.  oh well.  sold my zero gravity stainless steel calipers to a guy off craigslist – EYES ON THE PRIZE.  I’ll give you a hint: black and white, high modulus, and bb30.

ugh, I’m gonna have the best dreams.

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pulled up my blinds this morning to see nothing but fog and wet asphalt.  I was a bit disappointed, but checked the forecast for the rest of the day, and decided to head out.  you know, the usual 85…alpine dam, then paradise loop the normal way.  not too many cars out today, or cyclists for that matter, but surprisingly a lot of cops.  most exciting thing that happened? a crow flew in front of me and almost took out my face.  HAHA – but at the time, I wasn’t laughing.

I forgot to take a picture at alpine dam and tiburon, so the shot above is from the bike path leading back to mill valley.  actually, that’s a lie, I didn’t forget to take a picture.  at alpine dam, I decided to just climb out right away, not stop and take a breather.  then at tiburon I got a message asking me if I could work later in the day.  long story short, now I’m at work.

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lit up alpine dam and paradise loop today, that eighty fizzIVE.  I was still a bit sore from threshold intervals on monday, so I took it easy for the beginning of the ride.  there LOTS of fog on the bridge, all the way to the bike trail in sausalito.  then it cleared up on the climb out of fairfax.  on the backside of mt. tam it was cold, a bit of crosswind.  then back in mill valley and tiburon, it was perfect weather.  thank goodness the crosswind was bearable all the way back home.

oh yea, the turkeys.  I spotted about 5 of them chilling at the side of camino alto, the first time I climbed up.  then, I spotted another one running across the road coming out to the backside of mt. tam.  I was just glad they didn’t run in front of my bike, HAHA.

time for foods.

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my brother snapped a picture of me with my boy, frank chu, the legend.  I was out with my brother and mom at the union park fair on sunday.  great weather, free music, and good times.




met up with ben and justin at the bridge today.  then travis, connor, and one of their metromint teammates rolled up, and we all rode into sausalito together.  they split off in the middle of the bike path, probably headed towards 4 corners.  it was perfect out today, not too much wind, and not too hot.  we jetted around paradise in NO TIME!  my legs were feeling perfect, I couldn’t have asked for any more.  got back to the marin side of the bridge in 2 hours flat.  then justin got a…flat.  skidded through his gatorskin, sadly.  at least he got a ride back from the wifey.

ben and I headed back to the city and parted ways.  ah shiz, the perfect sunday.

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no pic :(

(I took a picture, saved it, and somehow, it didn’t save to the pictures folder on my phone.  SAD FACE.) did a quick paradise loop in the morning on the track bike before the wind picked up, so glad I did.  later in the day the wind was just crazy.  I spotted a guy riding a cinelli vigorelli with white drops wearing a mash histogram kit on the bridge, and caught up to him.  we rode for a bit, and I struck up a conversation with him on the sausalito bike path.  I’m going to be riding paradise loop with him tomorrow on track bikes.  stoked!

I picked up my caad9 from freewheel later in the day (my brother drove, thanks for the ride, nick) and had the opportunity to see/touch a bmc team machine slr01.  the first thing I noticed was the massive tapered downtube.  high-modulus carbon fiber all around, and a downtube width that matched the shell of the bb30 bottom bracket.  it wasn’t built up yet, but was mocked with a pro shimano stem, and deep dura-ace carbon clinchers – SICK.  it was ridiculously light, I was jealous like you wouldn’t believe…psh, what am I talking about though.  I don’t deserve carbon yet, HA!

stevie worked on my bike today, he: tightened up the downtube water bottle boss, retensioned all the cables, and fixed my rear hub and pawl!  he took apart the cassette housing and noticed that the springs were a bit sticky, must’ve been thicker grease causing the teeth not to engage properly.  he noticed it right away when he took it around the block – CALLED IT!  I told travis if he rode it around the block he’d feel it right away.  the hub doesn’t grab properly.  or that’s how it used to be.  until stevie touched it.  he increased the spring tension on the teeth, and put in some lighter weight grease.  man, this hub just howls now.  it snaps and engages as it should.  can’t wait to take it for a real ride on wednesday.  super excited.

I’m going to dream so well tonight.  fingers crossed that my camera phone works tomorrow.  I hate not having a daily snap to remember a day by.

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feel good!


clocked in at 85 miles, and roughly 6 hours in the saddle.  most of the ride was excellent, a bit of crosswind but nothing too bad.  lots of cars out today…I’ve come to the conclusion that marin’s friday is more like sunday.  tons of cars, none of which can drive that well, and pass extremely close even if I’m on the shoulder.  I guess it doesn’t help that school is out either.  maybe I should leave earlier on fridays.

either way, once I got out of fairfax and started heading west towards 7 sisters, it emptied out.  I saw a few cyclists, but that was it.  I had the entire road to myself for miles and miles.  ah…love that feeling.

my road bike is definitely due for it’s 300 mile checkup though, so I’ll be dropping it off later today, picking it up tomorrow.  a couple issues have come up over the past 2 weeks: downtube water bottle bosses are loose AGAIN :( and the stock rear hub on the reynolds wheelset is sticky.  sometimes the pawl doesn’t engage properly and it “slips”.  agh.  I guess it’s track duty for the rest of the weekend (oh NO…LOL).  j will be coming out sunday for a paradise loop, so that should be interesting/fun.

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