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for all my friends · July 2010

July 2010

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woodsy ride.


I decided to mix it up a bit today, and instead of alpine dam, I opted for a double muir woods.  big thanks to justin for e-mailing me directions last night.  turns out the map I had been making on google maps was wrong by a couple turns.

it was pretty quiet this morning, I saw 1 rider going the same direction I was riding on my second time around.  I do have to say, the loop twice in a row is brutal.  much more challenging than alpine dam.  the elevation change is significant: 730ft at 4 corners, and 620ft at the tip of highway1.  either way, muir woods is definitely the new training ride.  short, compact, and lots of climbing.  sounds perfect to me.

now I’m going to walk to work.  can’t bear to be on any of my bikes right now.  yea, that exhausted.  but in a good way.

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the force is strong with this one.


snapped a picture on the way back from alpine dam.  not too many cyclists out today, but lots of cars on the way back.  roughly 3 sections of road that converged into 1 lane with a construction crossing guard, the stop and go pace slayed me.  then on the bridge, tons of tourists that apparently didn’t speak english or use their ears for listening.  “on your left!”, “excuse me!”, and “watch out!” were heavily used.  felt invisible…no one moved, people would span the entire width of the path.  why is the city so packed with people?  I have no idea.

at least I got my ride in.  now, to find food.

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see what happens at work.  the office is getting crowded with 5 interns, and 2 new hires.

finally, we have food.




my phone flipped out again, so thank justin for the photo – THX JUSTIN!  I met up with him at the bridge at 9am, and surprisingly we both turned corners at the same time and started the ride without even pausing for a second.  a rare occurrence if you’ve ever met anyone at the bridge to ride.  anyway, we headed out and the weather on the bridge was cold and windy.  the san francisco marathon was also today, but none of the roads we took were closed or crowded.  I kept an eye out for my brother’s roommate, ash, who was running it today – 26mi, running? BRUTAL.

we started the trek up to alpine dam.  I wanted to keep a quick cadence to conserve energy for the climb out of the dam as well as 7 sisters.  we had the road to ourselves for most of the climb, but caught up to 2 people wearing matching florescent jackets riding side by side.  I yelled out, “on your left!” multiple times and the guy nearest to the middle of the lane refused to move.  at this point I was getting frustrated.  F#$%ING MOVE.  what’s you’re reasoning? you want to continue to ride side by side next to your female friend, blocking the entire lane? there are cyclist behind you that want to pass.  he ended up trying hard for a second to lose me, and failed.  I finally passed him, and turned up the speed to stay away.  the last thing I want on the final decent into the dam is a guy that doesn’t let anyone pass even if they’re going faster than him.

we got to the dam, and I swear I took a picture…my phone has been acting up a lot lately, but I can’t afford to buy anything else because of that cannondale supersix.  priorities…anyway, we stopped for a bit, and dozens of riders passed us.  wasn’t sweating it too much, since it was climbing all the way out of the dam, and not descending.  an older guy rolled up to us and asked if I had a 5mm allen wrench in my multi-tool.  he was riding a carbon bianchi with the works: super record 11, campagnolo neutron ultras, deda stem and bars, and look pedals.  apparently his headset was rattling on the descent from ridgecrest down to the dam.  either way, we chatted for a second about the ergonomics of the shifters.  all internal cables kept the bike’s lines clean.  nice talking to you, GUY!

climbing out of the dam was interesting, to say the least.  I caught up to 3 people riding in a line, the guy in the back didn’t seem to be with the 2 guys we was following so closely up the hill.  I proceeded to pass them, saying ‘hi’ as I rode by.  the bald, tall guy in the back sprung up, and got behind me.  he started puffing and breathing away, and I honestly wanted to drop him just because he became annoying.  can’t you breathe any more…quietly?  it’s messing with my cadence, sorry bud.  I picked up the pace in the sharp corners that peel upwards.  it’s a bit hard to explain via text, but if you’ve done the ride from the dam out to ridgecrest, you know what I mean.  at points, the gradient is increased, but only for a short turn.  that’s where I was placing my attacks.  after a couple of those turns, he made a loud sigh of exhaustion and fell off (as far as I know).  I kept the heat on, determined to get to those 2 florescent people.  they just got to the top when I came up behind them to take a breather while I waited up for justin.  bald tall guy looked at me as he came to the top a couple minutes later, and turned down bolinas-fairfax towards highway 1.  maybe it was to avoid me.  or maybe he lived out there.  who knows.

the rest of the ride was pretty quiet, until we got a little ways past 4 corners and a silver corolla packed with crap decided to pass me on the decent.  we hadn’t gotten to the last stop sign before it merged into highway 1.  I was a bit angry about that for a couple reasons – 1: there’s a hairpin turn at the bottom of this hill, we can all see it, and everyone knows I’m going to have to brake more because you passed me.  2: after that stop sign, you’ll be braking all the way down the mountain, no one wants to deal with that. 3: it’s sunday, CHILL OUT – you don’t have to pass me going 50mph, hurling down a hill towards a hairpin.  and yes, he did jam his brakes before the hairpin, and I had to brake more so I wouldn’t run into him.  the was a white van and then the corolla at the stop sign, waiting impatiently for cars to pass.  at this point, I was feeling even more impatient, and found a pocket where the van didn’t go, and cross-traffic wasn’t close to the intersection.  I went for it, and what do you know, not 1 car in front of me on the entire descent.  one of the fastest times I’ve ever made down highway 1 towards mill valley.

then we had some riders behind us coming through sausalito.  the same 2 guys that had the bald guy following them.  justin asked if I wanted a lead-out through sausalito to slingshot me towards the climb out.  why would anyone ever turn that down?  so we were jetting along the coast and I started the climb without anyone even close to me.  I smashed up the hill.  spotted ryan from roaring mouse heading down as I was coming up, SUP.  justin and I split at the end of the bridge, I took marina/crissy home.  on my way out, I saw the same 2 guys, AGAIN, heading my way.  one of the guys riding turned around, saw me, and said, “that was some good riding back there!” we chatted for a second, and I split off from them.

lots to talk about today, must be a sunday thing.  I’m hoping my phone camera saves pictures in the future.

big thanks to justin for coming out today and making the ride lots of fun.  and for the “race across the sky” bluray.  I think I’ll throw it on right now.

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see what happens when I run out of cycling clothes on the weekend? I have to actually walk to the laundromat and do a small load so I can have fresh lycra sunday.

at least my clothes will be super fresh.


met up with jeremiah today at the ferry building.  we stayed for a bit, expecting to see a couple more people (eugene from mash, joshua mcdonald a messenger, and anyone else eugene brought) but no one else showed.  we jetted over to the golden gate bridge parking lot and met up with ben and justin.  track bikes on paradise felt oddly familiar, yet weird since I hadn’t ridden the track bike in several weeks.  it was a bit breezy out, the wind definitely picked up at around 11am.  bummer we left a bit late, but sometimes it’s okay to have a medium paced social ride, right? gotta mix it up, haha.

the downside of leaving late was the amount of tourists and cars on the road.  I won’t get into that now, since it’ll only make me angry.  I just love people that ride in the middle of the bridge path.  LOVE IT.  okay, that’s all I have to say about that.

tomorrow, I’m heading out with justin to do alpine dam on our road bikes.  should be another fun morning, hoping for less wind!

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might be categorized under tmi, but this is what I see every time I’m in the bathroom.

glad I could share.  oh, and a little bit of foreshadowing with the caad9 and the new frame.  I’m definitely going to hold onto the old bike.  probably wouldn’t fetch too much in the market anyway.

my room is a bit messy.  I need more shelves or something.

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thursday afternoon, I got a call from my mom: “did you order something?” -yea, but I’m not expecting it for another week.  it’s the bike.  “oh, well I think it came to the old house.  there’s a big box here but your name isn’t on it.  some desiree salvat or something.” -uh…hmm. well open it, it’s probably the frame.  she proceeded to open the box, and there it was.  a matte black and white cannondale supersix hi-mod.  the seller wrote my name out in cursive, and fedex retyped a printed label that had the wrong address as well as the wrong name on it.  I’m just glad it found the right person, eventually.  so there it is, in all of it’s beauty.  I’d say the frame itself is roughly 900 grams, it’s VERY light.  the tubing is massive, I compared the downtube on the supersix to the one on the caad track.  the supersix one is quite a bit larger.  there are no flaws on the frame, and all the components were removed carefully.  I found small blemishes here and there from rocks and bottle cages, but nothing major.  very stoked.  most of the components off of my caad9 will be swapped over, but I’m getting a couple new things:

– edge composites tapered road fork: I e-mailed the edge composites rep and he told me that they only make a 43mm rake in the 1.5″ lower bearing tapered fork they provide.  stock is 45mm, the same as the caad9.  but since the frame didn’t come with a fork, I saw this as an opportunity to test out the edge one.  43mm will give the same feel as the caad9.  I could probably order a stock cannondale supersix fork to match the bike but I feel like it’d probably cost around the same.

– deda zero100 stem: 130mm and 82*.  maybe I’ll opt for the ti bolts of the servizio corse, but is it really worth it? probably not.  and I’d think the regular one would be stiffer than ti.  I currently run a 120mm, 73* stem.  the deda one would give me a bit more upright reach.

– deda zero100 rhm bars: 42cm o-o, compact drop.  I’ve been wanting to try out some compact shallow drops.  attack mode!

– deda superzero seatpost: 31.6mm to accommodate the larger diameter seatpost slot on the frame.  more setback than the thomson I currently run, which is 16mm.  the deda seatpost is 21mm I believe.

and I think that’s it.

anyway, today I left for another alpine dam ride.  I’ve been avoiding any longer rides because of my custom insoles.  my pedaling is sloppy and my right knee taps my water bottle because of the collapsed arch.  hopefully ari from bespoke calls soon with good news.  I’d love to pedal with equal power but as it stands, my left leg is in much better shape than my right.  anyway, I left this morning feeling the same as I always feel.  a bit sleepy, but excited to ride.  not sure what I did differently last night/this morning, but I felt like absolute gold the whole ride.  once I passed fairfax, I had the whole road to myself.  the weather was warm and sunny, picture perfect.  I took a picture at the dam, but somehow my phone flipped out (SURPRISE, NOT) and it didn’t save.  what the HELL.

there wasn’t anyone on ridgecrest, 7 sisters, or even down panoramic highway.  some cars on 1 that I got stuck behind but that’s expected…I guess.  oh, I used my new tiger tail muscle roller a little while ago, after stretching.  I have to say, it’s absolutely great.  much more linear pressure on my legs, verses using my hands.  I can push the roller deeper and rock it back and forth to get the lactic acid out.  I knew they made those tools for a reason.

as a side note, my boy zain (therealzigzags.com – a pc gaming blog) got into a little accident today when an asian woman hit him front behind and wrecked his front wheel.  he is okay, and he got her information.  she blamed him for slipping in front of her car, but I highly doubt that happened.  zain didn’t just “slip”, he was hit from behind.  and when they go to court, I’m sure the jury/judge will be in favor of him.  glad he’s okay.  my vote has been cast, his new bike will be a pinarello, or something else high end in the road bike category.  maybe a look 586, or a wilier.  hmmm.

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mmm, corn.


I think they’re called corn cakes or something, but either way, my mom made them, and they were delicious.  not completely sure what was in them, but I know there wasn’t any meat, and they seemed pretty light.



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