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for all my friends · new food day.

new food day.


took 3 gels with me, along with a clif bar to nom on occasionally.  oh, and a scoop of heed in one of my bottles.  I sipped on the heed bottle throughout the entire ride, and popped gels at 3 points – at alpine dam (pictured), then another while getting water at panoramic highway, and the last one in tiburon after riding paradise.  85 miles in 5 hours isn’t too bad.

here’s a funny chat I had with my boy, zain.  it happened today riding:

me:  i want to get some dgaf stickers made
for added appeal
sl1mzainy:  haha
me:  wooooooooooo awesome now i’m gonna be lonely in my house
oh, i actually ran into some old guys on the way up to alpine dam
one guy, i had a history with
mr. vintage bianchi that kicked my ass 4mo ago
and he had another friend with him, riding a vintage bike too, it was sick
so i catch up to them
and i’m trying to pass
but they’re taking up the whole lane riding side by side
so i’m just sitting there looking at 2 old guys
for like, 3min straight
so i yell, ON YOUR LEFT and pass
get to the dam, try one of my new gels
it’s fucking delicious actually
and boom, i feel almost 100% again
toss it in the can, and WOOPS there are the old guys again
i was like
now i gotta pass them
sl1mzainy:  wtf
me:  yea
sl1mzainy:  damnj
epic racing

me:  well they were going not TOO much slower than me
so we’re riding on the dam
and the friend goes
shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit that bike must weigh 5lbs
– actually it’s 16.5, but you were close
he was actually cool
the bianchi guy that passed me was dick
get to the 8-9% grade part, it’s steep
so they’re just puffing along, and i pass them again
i was like, cool, i passed them, i’m good to go
2 miles later
friend catches up
and he’s been trying ridic hard to catch up
and i’m just taking a breather
so he passes me and i’m like
damn, totally jacked your friend on the bianchi
and he goes
psh, men gotta ride
get to the top
he waits for his friend and says PZ
so again, i’m alone
20mi LATER
i stop and get water
eat a gel
and then start descending
and the bianchi guy goes
i’m like
dude, watch this shit
sl1mzainy:  LOL
me:  so we start descending
and i’m in the big ring
smallest cog
hit 30, 40
first turn, bank that shit
45 on the straight
and i never see them again
sl1mzainy:  damn
crazy ratio status
me:  53×12
it’s like 118 gear inches
sl1mzainy:  holyfuck
me:  yea, but that’s road bikes for you
you can go so fast
sl1mzainy:  you mean cars
me:  wat
sl1mzainy:  xxravinxdragonxx (1:35:20 PM): yea, but that’s cars for you
me:  me:  yea, but that’s road bikes for you
sl1mzainy:  LOL
me:  wtf is going on

I was in a bit of a rush to get back though, since I was asked to work at 2pm.  long story short, they didn’t need me to come in anymore.  OH WELL.  I guess now I “have to” enjoy my friday.  oh WOOPS!

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