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for all my friends · August 2010

August 2010

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big, bold colors.  sub-1000g framset.

ritte is a company based out of santa monica.  check them out!




came across this 2010 pinarello xtrack.  obviously not ridden in the street, but holy sh*t.

jaw-dropping.  see a couple more pictures on flickr.



my legs felt trashed this morning but I still wanted to head out with justin for the double muir I planned the night before.  so we headed out, and the weather was ideal – not too windy and a little bit sunny.  we caught cars on all the descents but we still got a good ride in with ~2500ft of climbing.  I was tired yesterday, but now I’m really tired, HAHA.

oh, and justin was pointing at a stuffed animal bear at the side of the road.  he wanted to take it home for his wife, but I told him it could have rabies.  he ended up not taking it.  I’m such a good friend…

it’s looking nice outside, iconic san francisco summer weather.  get on my local level!


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full pic.


thanks to justin, for the picture of all our bikes.  left to right: justin’s new look 585, my caad9, joseph’s giant, naveen’s giant, and then kevin’s bmc.

alpine dam.


met up with justin, joseph, kevin, and naveen today for alpine dam.  it was probably the windiest ride I’ve ever done, there was a constant 15-20mph westward wind the entire time.  I still had a great time, just had to watch descents and the pillars on the bridge.

as I understand it, joseph is the founder of house of commons, a brand base around premium street wear and other boutique items.  he’ll be starting a small cycling team in 2011, which kevin will be a part of.  joseph is cat3 and the others are cat4.  they’ve got the speed to back it up!

good ride guys, hopefully we can ride again soon!

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justin’s new whip.  should be ready to ride by tonight.

stoked for him.  oh and I picked up some gel while I was there.  also made an appointment for the supersix september 8th.  hoping the parts will all be in by then!



the deda superzero seatpost showed up in the mail today.  it’s definitely not the lightest thing in the world, but I’ll be having the shop cut it down a bit.  335mm seems a tad bit long considering the one I have on the caad9 is 240mm, and the perfect length.  and it’ll shave a tad bit of weight off.  still waiting for my zero100 compact drops.

gave big swingin’ cycles a ring…my supersix headset is STILL not there.  it’s been nearly 2 weeks.  if this is the single component that holds back the build, I’ll be a bit annoyed.  it was the first thing I placed on order.

heat wave’d.


hottest night all year.  must’ve been at least 80*!



deda zero100 servizio corse – 130mm, 82*.  titanium bolts.  showed up in the mail today, AW YA.




I posted a supersix last week, and came across it again, randomly today.  it belongs to martin bosch and won the 2009 bike of the year award on the german blog, cyclenoid.

an update on my supersix.  called big swingin’ cycles, and the headset is still not there.  it’ll be 2 weeks as of tomorrow, so I’m hoping it’ll show up soon, almost regretting not getting it off ebay for $70.  but it’s too late to back out now, time to play the waiting game.  still waiting on my deda components too, so I guess I’m not ready to drop it off anyway.

but still.


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