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for all my friends · September 2010

September 2010

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heat wave’d.


and so ends the last day of our 6 day heat wave.  the daily 75-90* heat was brutal!

glad the cold is back.

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one of the last.


the heatwave is dying down now, which makes for perfect riding weather.  high 60’s, low 70’s on todays ride, one of the last muir woods rides I’ll be doing this year on the reynolds wheelset.  yesterday, my 105 hubs arrived, and they’re scheduled to be laced on friday at the shop.  hopefully, my look pedal spindles are there as well, it’d be nice knocking all the bike tasks down in one day, but if they’re not, then they’re not.  either way, I’d have to bring the wheels back after a couple hundred miles to get them retensioned.  NO BIG DEAL.

opted for a single muir today, partially because of the heat, but mostly because I’ve been off the bike for a couple of days.  had a nice time in the sun rolling on the reynolds…I’m going to miss the deepness and carbon bling, but it’ll all be worth it when I can throw them back on next season for races.

oh yea, and freewheel has a 12-25t ultegra 6700 cassette waiting for me for the training wheelset.  I really have to remember to bring those extra 7900 links…

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hubs arrived at work today.  I hope to drop them off soon to get the wheels built.

the finish on the hubs is actually not black (surprise?), it’s more of a REALLY dark gunmetal.  you can kind of see it in the picture.  either way, they’re looking beefy, especially with 36h drilling.  they’re not light either, which is definitely a plus.  430+ grams for the rear, and 200+ for the front, if I remember correctly.  loose ball bearings as shimano always does with their hubs – I’m slightly concerned about the resistance in the hubs though, they don’t quite spin as freely as I expected them to, right out of the box at least.  I should have the shop crack them open to see what’s up.  wouldn’t be surprised if they sat on a dry shelf for 6 months draining the hubs of life.

on the plus side, the cassette body seems well lubed, and has a nice click.  won’t really be able to tell how loud it is until the wheelset gets built though…the excitement is overwhelming.

also, the weather has been sunny and hot here in san francisco.  can’t wait to jump back on the bike tomorrow for muir woods.  maybe afterwards I’ll drop off my hubs at the shop.


a look up 4th.


spending the rest of the day at work.

at least I got a decent leg workout in the morning before riding over here in the heat.

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zain, zack, and I were on a mission to retrieve zain’s vw bug from yuba city.  after a grueling muir woods ride in the morning, I was ready for a chill drive up north.  compression tights, pajama pants, black shirt, and a handful of sunscreen left me just baking in my black on black, free bimmer (it’s nothing spectacular, 1989 525i – gets the job done!).  not to mention, the car doesn’t have air conditioning…so needless to say, it was a bit toasty in the car with outside temperatures reaching upwards of 95*.  we basically took highway 80, to 505, to something else, to another road, and got there in roughly 2 hours.  I wasn’t the navigator, thankfully.  I would’ve definitely gotten us all lost.


nothing but fields in every direction, as far as the eye could see.  there were a couple of fig tree plantations, as well as corn fields.


we met up with zain’s stepmom at the storage facility in yuba city and helped her move some furniture into her rental space.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many lush blue doors all neatly lined up before.  we headed back to her house for a bit more moving work, and dropped off another small batch of things at the storage place again, before their u-haul truck rental was up.  oh, and I was finally introduced to the bug.


happily running on all 4 cylinders again.  after a tasty dinner at the happy viking (thx daria!), we headed back to her house one last time to say goodbye and pick up my car.  we left after the heat and traffic had passed over, and jetted back to san francisco in 2 seperate cars in 2 hours flat.  the bug is safely back in san francisco.

and I can safely say that I’ve been to yuba city now.  thanks for the road trip, zain and zack.

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who remembers that epic scene in pineapple express?  ha!  I left this morning NOT expecting to run into several hundred cyclists on a charity ride of some sort.  their route started at the embarcadero, went across the bridge, onto the bike path through sausalito, and dropped them off on highway 1 on the other side of mill valley.  every road they were on was congested with angry drivers lined up as far as the eye could see.  climbing out of muir woods back towards mill valley the first time, I was convinced they had all descended the hill already.  wrong.  as I was coming over the other side, hundreds more cyclists were clawing their way towards highway 1.  I thought it wouldn’t be an issue for me, since I’d be the one descending from this point.  well, wrong again actually.  drivers were constantly driving over the double yellow by more than 5 feet into my lane, forcing me to the shoulder on numerous occasion.  a couple close calls, so I decided to take it easy.

coming back around into mill valley, I decided to just say screw it, and opt for a 1.5 muir woods loop instead of a full 2.  my legs were jello from yesterday’s double, and the heat wasn’t helping either.  one of the main roads through the mill valley homes was closed, but at least they had a detour 2 blocks ahead.  must’ve been some sort of fair or something…

riding on the weekend in itself means more people out.  riding on the weekend that happens to land in the midst of a heat wave means more people out.  riding on the weekend that theres a massive charity ride out…yea, that means more people out too.

at least I got some good climbing in.  that’s all I care about.

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the daily.


looking down on vallejo st.

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with morning temperatures rising from 60* on up to 70*+, it definitely seems like summer is back for the next couple days.  apparently it’ll peak monday at 83*, but who knows.  leaving earlier for rides and proper hydration are key to beating the heat.  today, I headed out across the bridge to do a double muir woods.  on my way out, I saw travis coming back into the city.  we exchanged a low 5.  you know it’s going to be a good ride when you low 5 a cat2 cyclist.  and surprise, it was an awesome ride.

there were a couple cyclists out and about, but they were sparse and far apart.  of course, lots of cars on the roads, sometimes bumper to bumper at some points on the way back.  the route through mill valley up to 4 corners was quiet and well shaded from the sunlight, so I put down the pain all the way through, both times.  the descent had a couple cars on it, but passing them on the inside turns was pretty straight forward and easy, I didn’t get caught up behind them for more than a couple seconds, which was nice for a change.  speaking of being behind cars on descents, that reminds me…I need to keep checking my swiss stop pads for wear.  I’ve tweaked with the barrel adjusters quite a bit since I’ve had the bike, partially because the cables have stretched a tad, and also because the pads are wearing down.  curious to see how they’ll brake with the training wheelset.

the bridge was pretty quiet considering the weather was spectacular.  people actually stuck to the sides of the bridge to let cyclists pass back and forth.  how nice.

oh to the guy that asked me for a bike pump for his town cruiser when I was getting water behind mike’s bikes: sorry, no schrader valve on my pump!  luckily for him, mike’s bikes was opening in half an hour and they could fix his flat.  not even sure if he had a spare tube or a patch kit on him.  hmm.

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throwback ride!


my legs were still feeling trashed from monday’s workout, so I opted for a nice, spinny recovery ride today.  I headed out to one of my favorite flat rides, paradise loop, which basically goes around the tiburon peninsula.  the road winds up and down the coast, and there are usually not many cars out.  the city looked awesome from tiburon, and I would’ve stopped to take a picture there, but didn’t want to get off the bike for fear of building up lactic acid.  surprisingly, the ride only took me 3 hours, a majority of the time was spent in the small ring just spinning at a high cadence.  I feel a lot better now though, so hopefully after 1 more day of recovery tomorrow at work, I’ll be set for friday and the weekend.

oh, and a WSUP to travis, who I saw in sausalito as I was heading out for my ride.  big thanks to ben for giving me the rapha leg warmers a few months back.  I haven’t really worn them on a ride until today, and they’re comfy!  kept my legs in a nice compression incubator as I spun them out.

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