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for all my friends · November 2010

November 2010

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red dawn.


getting in that frosty morning ride before work.  the sky was filled with clouds as I made my way across the water to rodeo beach.  and as I started the short climb, the sun started to rise.  the trees that lined the path were turning red with the sunlight coming over the front side of the headlands.  I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed such a colorful sunrise before, it made my whole morning, and took the sting away from the blasting cold wind.

then of course, on the bridge I saw my boy, travis from freewheel getting that morning steez.  HOLLA!

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probably one of the colder mornings out at rodeo beach.  at one point, it must’ve been at least around the freezing temperature, because there was a layer of frost on the pavement.  I started to hear crunchy sounds coming off my tires and figured it was a bit of gravel.  nope, it was ice.  I was glad to make it out early, there was no one out riding, and just a few cars out driving.  I saw 8 cyclists out, total.  a woman, possibly commuting, was off her bike at the side of the road looking at her back tire as if it had a flat.  I yelled out to her, asking if she needed any help, but she said she was fine.  I hope so, a flat at 7am is no fun.

putting the hurt down when no one’s looking.  ah, winter.

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really tasty.





our big buildings aren’t that big.  this is california.

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winter steez.


after taking yesterday off the bike, I woke up this morning ready for some brisk marin headlands action.  I headed towards rodeo beach, first.  since it was raining yesterday, the ground was still a bit wet in the shadows, so I kept the pace cautious on apexes and off-camber turns.  there were some people out at rodeo beach, enjoying the quiet air along the coast.  I saw several cyclists out riding: 3 road cyclists riding together, then another bunch of 3, and a solo guy climbing from the back side.  yea, it was definitely sunday.

although the sun was out, the temperature was still hovering around 40*F.  I made my way back on bunker road, to the bottom of e, and eventually the start of conzelman.  the view is always worth it!

what I like most about winter riding…the small morning rituals we all do to get ready to ride.  everything from putting on shoe covers, throwing on the winter hat, putting on just a hair of lip balm so your lips don’t annoy you for hours, packing your food into the back pockets, and checking any last minute e-mails or missed calls.  it’s all part of the game.

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staying frosty.

11-26_rodeo-beach-conzelmanafter yesterday’s cold ride, I wanted to stay a bit closer to san francisco to avoid excessive cold wind.  rodeo beach was pretty sheltered from the harsh wind, and I was able to push out a fairly decent pace.  after the double hill loop, I headed back towards the backside of bunker road to climb from the bottom to the top of conzelman.  what a spectacular view.

a couple other cyclists were out, with faces of bitter agony.  they didn’t look like they were enjoying themselves at all.  smile more!

I made my way back on the bike side of the bridge, and was surprised it was open.  after all, thanksgiving was yesterday, not today.  but I guess most people are taking the friday off as well.

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joseph met me at the bridge at 8am this morning, and rolled out to marin to do a recovery ride.  it was COLD out there today.  we even spotted some frost on the wooden bridges on the sausalito bike path.  I split off from the bike path and continued on by myself to 4 corners, and eventually the ranger station.  I kept the pace smooth and steady, saving myself for the long miles ahead.  dropping into stinson beach was cold and fast.  my face, hands, and feet were completely numb by time I hit highway 1.  I was worried that the cold would continue to seep into my muscles, but I must’ve been wearing enough to just barely hold it together to keep on pedaling.  the embrocation was helping keep my bare legs warm, I could also feel the blood pulsing down to my feet.  it wasn’t enough to keep them completely warm, but I couldn’t ask for much more.  my hands were in a similar situation – my upper body was well protected from the biting cold, and in turn, pushed warm blood to my hands.  just enough to keep from going completely numb.  ah…winter riding.

bofax didn’t seem as long today, which was nice.  the trees protected me from any wind blowing off the coast, and gave me a chance to get warm.  there were two cyclists heading the opposite direction, towards bolinas, as I was climbing up.  but that was it.  it was really quiet out there.  I made it up to the top of ridgecrest, tired, but not exhausted.  I wasn’t done yet, I wanted to make this ride burn into my legs.  after finishing 7 sisters, and descending down mt. tam, I turned off the road, towards muir woods.  oh yes, a short detour, but one that would tack on a couple hundred more feet of climbing.  I breezed through sausalito to make it back for the final climb of the day.  I think I saw fergus (a san francisco messenger, also a road racer) descending highway 1 as I was making my way out…he was in the middle of braking behind some cars, so I didn’t get a chance to wish him a happy thanksgiving.  oh well, I’m sure I’ll see him around.

the icing on the cake was e road to the top of conzelman.  it’s where I took the picture above.  today’s ride probably racked in around 70mi, and roughly 6500ft of climbing.  the perfect ride right before thanksgiving lunch/dinner with the family.

big thanks to joseph for hooking me up with some house of commons swag.

happy thanksgiving!

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pushed out a pre-dawn ride just before the rain hit hard.  I threw on the fender just in case – pretty glad I did, because the ground was soaked and the sky looked like it was going to open up any second.  but it didn’t, so I was glad.  rodeo beach never looked so close to a downpour.  the wind was heavy, at least 15-25mph from the coast, which was a bit lame.  on the plus side, there was really no one out.  I think I spotted two cars, and one cyclist my entire time in marin.

as soon as I arrived at home, it started pouring.  I rode to work on my bmx dressed head to toe in goretex, but my shoes weren’t covered.  and of course, they received the most brutal shower of water peeling off my front tire, which wasn’t ideal.  at least everything is slowly drying next to the warmth of a radiator heater.  wish it had a fan though.

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today’s objective was easy.  walk to performance bike on my lunch break to pick up some spare inner tubes.  it’s only a block down, and usually, they have some decent deals.  I spotted some clif bars on sale, and snagged 2 boxes, along with my tubes.  the cashier stated that my account with them had a balance, and made the purchase with the available funds.  initially, I was a bit puzzled…I still had an account with them (valid until 2011, WOW), and had money just sitting there?  hell YES, use those funds.

going back tomorrow to use up the remainder of my balance.  it feels good rediscovering my own money.


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