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for all my friends · March 2011

March 2011

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damn, sf.



spring time in the city

is better than summer time.

more sun and less fog.

side note, selling parts to prep

for the langster build, stay tuned!

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okay, maybe if the shot was a second before or after, denis galimzyanov wouldn’t look so goofy.  but there it is.

still, I have to give him props for taking the sprint on stage 2 of the driedaagse de panne.  and landing on the homepage of cycling news with those angel wings.




when the venge launched at mclaren, specialized made 40 limited edition shoes that utilized their boa s1-m closure system.  love it or hate it, you have to admit, they’re pretty unique.  I feel like I’ve seen something similar from another cycling shoe manufacturer, but either way, I’d love to rock a pair of sidi’s as regular shoes around town.  with shims and all, to correct my knee angles, haha!

photo from velodramatic.




san francisco has

its warm weather in the spring.

it was perfect out

this morning.  oh, and I saw

gabe and connor on the bridge.



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yes, it will be the new commuter and off-season trainer.  I just bought a lightly used one off ebay (exactly like the photo above).  most likely, I’ll be selling off my cannondale track along with the silver velocity wheelset, and custom relaced reynolds.  it’s been extremely fun riding around the cannondale track, but my knees haven’t liked it as much.  and I don’t really see myself riding on the velodrome, so I figured it could go to a nice home.  or I may keep all of it…but I really doubt it.  the langster will be set up like how my dawes sst was going to be built.  I know I never got around to it, but this time it’s different (scout’s honor)!  it’ll be parted out completely, and rebuilt with nicer/durable components.  front and rear brake are definitely going to be in the mix as well, so I’ll have less problems with back-pressure and excessive rear tire wear.

the langster’s geometry is a bit more relaxed compared to the supersix and caad10, but hopefully with a different stem, the fit will be closer, if not exactly the same as my road bike.

I was contemplating putting up a build list, but I think it’ll be more of a surprise if I don’t.  now that I think about it, I’m fairly certain I’ll be selling off the cannondale track.  sad day, I know, but once the langster drops, I don’t think I’ll ever go back.

stay tuned.  it’ll be a couple months, at least!

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pros go harder.

thanks for the photo, pez.



thank you, fyxomatosis.



steve and marc were talking about the red bull event at saturday’s criterium.  I figured it’d be relevant to post it.  after doing some digging, prolly (of course) had the full scoop.  apparently, red bull sent out e-mail invitations to several riders telling them about the event on april 30th.  it’s basically taking place in justin herman plaza, near the embarcadero, here in san francisco.  if anyone has the money to convert that plaza into a badass race course, it’s obviously red bull.  anyway, there will be a fixed geared race (17 invites), as well as a trick contest (25 invites), winners of each will receive $1000 cash.

in the race category, familiar names such as chas, walton, marc, steve, rainer, james newman, garrett chow (took off from mash sf, now a badass marketing guru at specialized in morgan hill – SICK), fergus, and blake.  in the freestyle category, we have steven jensen, joshua boothby, tom la marche, jakob santos, tyler johnson, nasty, mike chacon, congo, matthew spencer, matt montoya (who had a macaframa cut), and wonka.  obviously, there are lots of other riders that’ll be participating in the competitions, I just wanted to mention the ones I know or know of.  view the full list on prolly’s blog.

the event takes place on april 30th, in san francisco.  as for specific times and event overviews, I have no idea.  unfortunately, I’ll be out racing on the 30th (wente road race), but I definitely want to stop by the red bull event after to support the participants.  it’s a big deal to get invited out, I’m extremely excited for chas, walton, steve and all those guys.

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the pedaling movement in cycling is not a natural motion like walking or running.  “our feet work by our arches collapsing and energy being stored like a leaf-spring.  that energy is returend during the push-off, when we propel forward.  none of that happens with cycling.  riding is a forefoot oriented activity…” says sean madsen, working as a biomechanist at the boulder center for sports medicine.  an insole that matches your arch height allows you to effectively deliver the power to your drivetrain.  it also helps to reduce hot spots and numbness.

specialized bg insoles have 3 levels of arch support that accommodate various arch heights.  however, if you’re really in the pursuit of the perfect insoles, you should visit a specialist (or bike fitter) to get insoles shaped exactly how you need them.  I’m thoroughly satisfied with my investment of my custom insoles, they’re shaped just for my feet, and make a world of difference.  that being said, having insoles won’t solve all of your alignment problems – visiting a fitment specialist and finding out what angles really produce the most power from your body is probably the next step.

read the full article on bike radar.


the sun keeps rising

a bit earlier as the

days keep passing by.

pretty excited to be

back out, riding in marin.

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