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for all my friends · April 2011

April 2011

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finally, the sun

rises early enough for

me not to need the

big headlight. saw gabe in the

tunnel. travis and friends, too.

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excellent insight from mavic on preparing for the paris-roubaix.  it’s really interesting seeing the wheel tech, behind the scenes, through the lens of mavic.  their neutral support bikes and wheels are a huge part of the professional peleton.  it’s also pretty cool how they use custom painted (mavic signature yellow) cannondale caad9’s for support bikes.  speaking of which, I can’t wait to get my caad10…only 3 more months.  which basically means never!

watch the hd video on youtube.


a titanium bow lock?  yea, pretty much.  it’s john loughlin pet project, which actually sprouted off of velospace (imagine that), and now, he’s trying to raise funding on kickstarter.  I’ve got to say, it’s a pretty interesting lock concept, definitely different from the usual cable, chain, and u-lock combos out there.  so how does it “lock” your bike up?  well, that’s easy.

the actual lock mechnism is made from a 304 stainless steel body, which features a “highly pick-resistant and environmentally robust rotary disc key mechanism.”  higher end models will have a abloy protec locking cylinder encased in a lightweight titanium body.

it’s quite an interesting lock, to say the least.  the only part that’s still a big question is how it’ll “store” on your bike or in your bag when you’re riding.  many people are already used to the size of u-locks, stashing them in the back pocket, a hip pouch, or belt loop almost seem natural compared to a big, narrow piece of metal.  either way, props to the tigr team for doing something different.

if you’d like to pledge some money towards the tigr project, visit their page on kickstarter – 38 days left to raise $37,000USD!  or go the long, roundabout way, and check out their website.


wait, you’re telling me that rapha is opening up a cafe/club here in san francisco, so that local cyclists can read cycling books, watch live races, participate in group rides, and talk about cycling?  interesting!  the rapha cycle club is opening may 5th, and will stay open until july 31st.  they’ll have a full library of books, coffee from four barrel, and edibles from tell tale preserve.  talk about supporting your local.  they’ll also have rapha clothing to purchase, which is pretty cool, considering it’s quite hard finding places to buy their stuff to begin with.  granted, it’s way out of my price range, but still…located 2 blocks off of lombard (2198 filbert), they claim, “cycle club is an ideal start or finish for group rides.”  and you just know there’s going to be swarms of weekend warriors in haphazardly pieced together kits riding on baller bikes just all over this place.

I still might walk over there one day to check it out.  come on, it sounds interesting, right?

thanks to bike rumor for the heads up, find out more about the cycle club san francisco from rapha.

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this coming weekend will be stacked with events here in san francisco.  friday, chas from tcb courier is throwing an alleycat (no details yet), saturday is the redbull ride and style event at justin herman, and sunday is the grand opening of the mash sf store, as well as the twin peaks time trial.  unfortunately (or fortunately?), I’ll be racing in the east bay this weekend.  saturday is the wente road race, and sunday is the wente criterium.  if I get back to the city in time, I’ll swing by the events.  you should too!  that is, if you’re in the area.

check out the redbull page though, they’ve got the full rosters up for both trick and fixed gear riders for the event.

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the high tech isqueez

leg massage thing, just chilling.

could’ve used that last

night before my epic ten

hour sleep.  damn, it felt so good.

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felt’s answer to the cannondale superx?  the f2x, of course.  luckily, they’ll be offering the f2x as a frameset, because dropping ~$6,500USD for a di2 equipped one would probably isolate a lot of people.  the f2x has a bb30 bottom bracket shell, a massive 1.5″ tapered head tube, and a flattened top tube for easy shouldering.  it’s also interesting to see where they put the battery…it’s mounted to the back of an alloy seatpost, which kind of raises the question, if you’re handling the bike through a course, grabbing your saddle near your seatpost, it could get in the way, if not break off completely.

I like the neon colorway though, very hip and tron-like.

nothing but girth and clearance.

here’s a disc-equipped f2x, but apparently felt isn’t giving a date for availability.  check out that baller 3t luteus disc fork as well.

of course, felt dropped all this tech at the 2011 sea otter classic.  thanks for the coverage, bike radar.


h+son tb14.

h+son just introduced their new box clincher rim, the tb14.  it features a 23mm wide rim, double eyelets, and g609 aluminum with a seamlessly welded joint.  unfortunately, they do not have a machined braking surface, so these rims are mainly targeted towards fixed gear riders.  affinity cycles in new york is the only place that will be stocking the tb14 in the US.  they’re holding a random e-mail drawing though, giving away 2 sets of tb14’s and 1 set of hard anodized formation face rims.

to enter, e-mail contest@affinitycycles.com and tell them your favorite local bike store (contest ends may 2nd, winners announced on the affinity blog the next day).  if you win, the rims will ship to the store directly!  thanks for the heads up, pc.

who doesn’t like free rims?  hell, I can’t even run them on any bike I have, but it’s still be nice to win a set.


silly rain.

didn’t think it’d

rain today. but rain it did.

on a brighter note,

no one was out this morning

so i had roads to myself!

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and I’m sure the earth thanks you as well, yoko.

I don’t think my 6700 cassette has ever been this clean.  took a while, but rock-n-roll miracle red degreaser (1:1 with water) and the handy dandy park tool cassette brush seemed to do the trick for the most part.  used a cotton cloth to get off the lighter gunk at the end.  I’m trying to make a weekly effort to clean my bike thoroughly – I’ve been fairly lazy up until this point, but I figured I should at least try and make it look like a pro bike, haha!  last week, the cassette was horribly black, and I managed to clear the cogs of most of the debris.  this week was the final polish.  sunday seems like a good day, since the races will be over with, and I’ll have a clean bike to start the week off on monday.  exciting!

look really hard and you’ll see 2 red nipples.  classy.

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