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for all my friends · May 2011

May 2011

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this is the first adjustable headset spacers I’ve ever seen…they’re probably more suitable for freestyle riding, but I’m sure they’d be just as practical for someone looking to dial in a stem height on any other type of bike that had a threadless headset.  the spacers lock and stack on top of each other, eliminating the need to remove the whole stem to add or remove spacers.  quite smart!  they’re offered in 2 different sizes, 15-25mm or 10-15mm.

check them out on brakeless, thanks for the post pc!


beautifully inspiring.  take a look at some of the biggest brands in italian cycling, including fizik, wilier, castelli, carrera, bianchi, and vittoria.

thanks bike rumor!

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yesterday was the pro national individual time trial, which zabriskie (garmin cervelo) took.  today was road race.

the 115 mile pro national road race came down to george hincapie (bmc) and matthew busche (radioshack), with matthew winning by a few short inches.

racing for 4.5 hours in the hot weather of greenville, north carolina can’t be easy.  here’s the last 30 seconds (haha!):

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twin peaks.

the view.

the route (counter-clockwise).

I forgot today was memorial day, there were tons of people out.  surprisingly, it was quiet at twin peaks, but the marina and crissy were packed.  earlier on, I saw marc (chica sexy) riding his road bike.  then on my way back, I saw fergus (also on chica sexy) coming up lincoln sporting a new prototype cadence kit.  the same one that I posted a couple days ago.  it didn’t look too bad in person, the lettering was pretty subtle.

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too good not to post.

paganini columbus max track from fyx.


oh no, low!

seems like this low took a beating…that’s really unfortunate.  you can see the damage on the downtube as well, this must’ve been a bad accident.  hopefully the rider is okay.  also notice the custom 1″ threaded steerer and matte red anodized paint.  I bet it looked slick when it was fully built.

andrew low has also recently release his track frame – more comfortable geometry, horizontal top tube.  be sure to check out his website for the new goods, low bicycles san francisco!  photo pulled from dustin at cadence.


david zabriskie (garmin-cervelo) demolished the 2011 usa pro national time trial.  you’ve just got to love dave for his incredibly unique style.  he was born to time trial.  and paired with his stunning, record-setting, win in solvang for the amgen tour of california, he’s in some great form.

stars and stripes, podium girls, and a smile that screams aero smugness.

and then on the other side of the globe, philippe gilbert (omega pharma-lotto) won the overall tour of belgium.  he took stage 3, and teammate andre greipel sprinted for wins in stage 1 and 4.  I’m definitely trying to track down some video footage of the wins since we all know phillippe can dish out the pain.  the same goes for greipel, but he always seems to look like an angry demon…

photos from velonews and pez.


david millar (garmin-cervelo) took the giro’s individual time trial today, posting a 30:13 on the 26km course.  contador (saxobank) held off his rivals by several minutes in the general classifications (no surprise) to take his second 2nd giro win.  scarponi took 2nd at 6:10, and nibali was in 3rd place at 6:56 back.  this year’s giro course seemed much more demanding than previous years, there were many difficult and long climbs.  some footage from the itt:


thanks for the photo, pez!


up at 5am to get ready for the mt. hamilton road race.  out of the house a bit before 6am, and on the road shortly thereafter.  mt. hamilton…I had heard so much about this race all season from various cyclists.  the long, grueling climb awaited us, but from what alex (cat3, taleo) had told me about the course, it wasn’t won on the first portion.  the initial 20 mile climb up to the top of the observatory was just the beginning of the race.  40 miles of various rolling terrain would await racers…

after arriving in san jose, registering, and doing the number pinning dance with 2 numbers (on the left side, and on the back), alex’s roommate, westley, took my car and proceeded to follow the cat1 caravan before the course was closed off.  he would be driving the course, taking photographs of racers, and eventually meeting us at the end, so we wouldn’t have the ride the 45 miles back to the car parking lot.  cyclists that did the race as well as the ride back would be subject to 100+ miles, more than half of which were hilly, racing miles.  looking back, I’m definitely glad to have been fortunate enough to know someone (that knew someone) to drive my car to the finish.  it was a demanding race.

so westley left, and alex’s race was shortly after.  the elite 4’s would be starting at 9:15, I had nearly an hour before I needed to be anywhere.  after witnessing a latex tube exploding outside of the men’s bathroom, sitting around, spinning on city streets, and catching up with various riders, it was time to line up.  our field looked fair, possibly 50-55 riders deep, including marc and will (chica sexy), derek (sports basement), isaac (dolce vita), vitaly (colavita), reed (3rd pillar), and a handful of other guys I knew.  we were neutral, rolling out from just outside the school parking lot, and headed out to the road that would eventually lead to the observatory at the top of mt. hamilton.

as riders got their legs warmed up to the race, the pace slowly began to ramp up.  it was subtle, but after a couple miles of gradual climbing, it was apparently that the pace wouldn’t slow for anything.  well, except for overlapping wheels.  2 riders in the middle of the pack went down, possibly because of some lateral movement, and the back of the pack, slowly crept around the two downed riders.  that scattered the group for a second, I was near the back, and everyone around me had to hustle back to the group to catch wheels.  it wasn’t looking so dense anymore.  our group had lost a handful of riders already, and more seemed to drop off after the descent.

yes, there was a descent after several miles.  it opened back up to more climbing, and I completely forgot we were still on the same mountain.  we were still climbing mt. hamilton.  the road started creeping up once more.  riders near the front stomped the pace and we began making our way to the observatory at roughly 4000ft elevation.  I’ve never been on a climb for so long before.  it seemed endless.  I was 16th wheel back from the front racer, there was only 1 rider behind me.  we had dropped more than half of the e4 field, and we hadn’t even raced 20 miles yet.  just 5k to go to the top.  at the sign, I looked up to see the observatory.  it didn’t seem so far away.  but the road switched back and forth, crossing closer to the top each time, we were far from the top.

as the 200m sign popped, riders in the group of 15 punched it, gapping me as the descent started.  it was steep, twisty, bumpy, and technical.  there weren’t many rails, and as I made my way down, it became apparent that I’d be riding in no man’s land for a while.  possibly until the end of the race.  it was unfortunate, but I wasn’t comfortable in the descent at all.  the long, fairly steep roads were just straight frightening.  I saw one rider changing out a rear tube, his side scuffed up from a fall.  then 2 more riders were in a ditch, a motorcycle ref beside them.  I was passed by will, and a handful of other e4’s.

the road finally flattened out for a second.  it rolled past a neutral feed.  it rolled into another descent.  john (team mike’s bikes) and reed caught and passed me up.  more rollers, more flats.  and honestly, I lost track of how the road contoured around.  I remember it flattening out for a bit, heading into another neutral feed.  a group of 4 racers from my category passed me up.  I was gassed, and my legs were shot from the hard effort on the climb.  riding solo through the gusty rollers probably didn’t help much either.  a slender hill gradually carved through the canyon.  I caught some cyclists that weren’t in my category, and started to feel decent again.  I paced in front of a 45+ master for a mile or two before pulling to the side to let him pass.  so much for that decent feeling…

we were still 10+ miles out from the line.  all the riding I had done past the 20 mile point had been alone, and it was starting to take it’s toll on my legs.  I wanted to finish and be done with the race, but there was still so much technical terrain left.  more winding roads, more gradual inclines and declines…isaac passed me with a webcor cyclist and yelled out to me, “you can go faster than that!”.  I knew he was right, but in the moment, I was feeling horrible.  I didn’t have the legs to go.  not now.

the road opened back up into an awesome landscape, and I was swooped up by derek and another cyclist.  I hung onto the back, thinking I’d get popped off within a couple minutes, but I started feeling better, and moved to the front to drive the pace.  the road curved up, down, around, and every single direction imaginable.  the descent came, and I hung back, knowing my downhill handling skills were bad.  a small group of 3 riders formed and finished together as the road turned right, and straight into the line.  I finished behind them, finally glad the race was over.  I probably placed 20+ riders back, many, many minutes after the lead group had finished.  not overly disappointed, just deeply exhausted.

the course was challenging.  it was perfect for an all-arounder.  someone that had climbing ability, flatland speed/power, and that could descend like a hero.  in the e3 category, that person is daniel (team mike’s bikes).  he broke away near the end and finished a couple minutes ahead of everyone else in the field, solo.  congrats on the win, daniel.  that’s nothing short of impressive.

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vasili kiryienka (movistar) took the win on stage 20 of the giro d’italia after breaking from the peleton 30km into the 242km race.  vasili also dedicated the win to his late movistar teammate, xavier tondo, who was killed in a freak accident on monday.  xavier was crushed between his car and a garage door at a ski resort in southern spain – he was altitude training for the tour de france, along with other cyclists.  vasili put an enormous effort in and finished nearly 5 minutes before 2nd place finisher jose rujano (androni giocattoli) and joaquin rodriguez (team katusha) in 3rd.  the video isn’t the best quality, but it’s quite a lot of footage regardless, and if you watch from 10ft back, it’s not so bad!

the gc remains the same, contador (saxobank), scarponi (lampre) 5:18 in 2nd place, and nibali (liquigas-cannondale) 6:14 in 3rd.

photo from velonews, read more about xavier tondo.

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