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for all my friends · June 2011

June 2011

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so minus the fact that the image above is photoshopped (look at the chain wrapping around the big ring, near the front derailleur), this team issue frame for fabian cancellara is pretty neat looking.  the designs are from hydro74, a talented digital illustrator.

from bike radar!

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I had a followup doctor’s appointment today at the orthopedic office.  the 3 mile walk was awesome, summer in san francisco at it’s finest.  after a short while, I was placed into a room.  the view from the 7th floor:

I hadn’t seen a view like this before.  the doctor showed up with two pieces of paper that described what the MRI scan revealed.  but there was no 3d image like what I was expecting.  I guess they have a train MRI doctor to review the scan before the orthopedic doctor talks to the patient…honestly, I have no idea.  anyway, the diagnosis was as follows:  moderate distal insertional quadriceps tendonitis, minor chondral thinning tri compartmental cartilage.  basically, the quad muscle is inflamed near the knee joint and the cartilage is thinner at the cap area.  the doctor suggested I should get fitted on my bike(s), taking into account my foot positioning and fairly wide right foot angle.  the knee pain is probably from all the riding with improper cleat angles and pedal width (stance).  the good news is that these knee problems are temporary and not severe.

the bad news is that I’m still waiting on my caad10.  and that’s not really bad news at all, I guess.  the wait makes it even better.  I’ve already placed the order for the 27.2mm seatpost, saddle, and braze-on front derailleur.  tomorrow is the beginning of july, and the <31 day countdown until the frame comes in.  the mike’s bikes rep called me earlier this month, telling me the caad10’s were still arriving in july sometime.  it could be earlier in the month, it could be at the end.  either way, at the end of july, I’ll be riding a new bike, both my bikes will be fit to me, and I’ll be 1 year older.

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looks at gilbert, he’s definitely ready for the tour.

the inner ring has made a comprehensive stage guide with course profiles, a start list (to be updated daily), prize payouts, and more!  visit the tour de france guide.  photo from pez.


definitely worth the watch.  the s3 won the road race championships last year, we’ll see how many wins the s5 can take from here on out.

spotted on hoc.

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giant track.

the 2012 giant omnium track?  integrated seat post and all.

spotted on flwrider.



this guy’s pedaling cadence definitely needed some work.  he was swaying a lot, and I think he needs to raise his seat.  but then again, raising it might compromise his passenger’s grip on the saddle.  hell, I was just scared her pants would get caught in the chain.

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cervélo s5.

with the tour de france looming, all the new tech is coming out, including the new cervélo s5 aero road bike.  it borrows design aspects from both their time trial specific p4, and their road bike, the s3.

1 1/8″ headset to keep the front more aero.

bbright bottom bracket shell.

squared off tubing to help keep the air flowing around bottles.

two bottle cage mounts on the down tube.  the lower mount saves 15 grams of drag, apparently.  the down tube flattens out to accomodate the bottles, just like the bottom bracket cluster area.

bladed seat stays.

this might be the most aero road frame racing at the tour de france, but it still relies on a rider to put the power down.  it’ll be interesting to see all the new tech once the tour drops.



this is a classic jb davis shot.

and it’s a picture of a picture, which makes it even better.  wob life.


the next generation specialized tarmac has come.  this is the 4th generation tarmac, the sl4.  the differences are minor, but definitely an improvement over the previous generation tarmac, or else they wouldn’t have introduced a new bike.  the lower headset bearing is now 1 3/8″ in an effort to make for a lighter fork.  the top tube is flatter and wider in order to increase torsional stiffness.  the chain stays are double tapered, and fatter than before.  the rear dropouts are hollow carbon and the rear derailleur cable runs through the chain stay.  the rest of the cables are run through the frame as well.

no other brand runs deeper than specialized out here, I wouldn’t be surprised to see sl4’s in the near future out at races and marin.  and of course, we’ll see various paint schemes for the sl4 at the tour de france.

thanks to bike radar for the tech.  it also comes as no surprise that velodramatic took the cycling photography for specialized!

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picture in a picture.

the orthopedic room.

the second drawer from the bottom had “cookies”.  I really wanted to pull the drawer out to see if there were really cookies down there, but the doctor walked in as I was contemplating.  he suggested that I get my knee scanned so that we could see what the problem was, if there was any.  filling out the paperwork took longer than his visit with me, but that’s how it goes.  luckily, I was able to make an MRI appointment the same day.  unfortunately, the campus was a short walk away.  and I only say unfortunately because it was pouring rain by time I made it back outside.

after walking 2 miles in some really heavy rain, I was pretty much soaked.  definitely should’ve brought out the waterproof pants.

look at this guy, he took 3 seats in the lobby.  I killed two hours down there, since my appointment wasn’t until 1:50pm.  after draining my phone battery to oblivion, I took the elevator up to the office to fill out their paperwork.  the guy who was going to do my MRI scan was actually able to scan me earlier since I was his only scan of the day.  he said I could’ve showed up a lot earlier, too.  so, I guess I didn’t need to kill two hours in the lobby, watching that guy multi-task with his awesome thinkpad.  oh well.

the scan itself took about 40 minutes.  my right leg was placed into a machine that looked like a donut.  the guy set me up in a pretty comfortable chair, and had my left leg extended as well.  and there was a blanket.  so, yea, I fell asleep pretty quick.

I have a followup appointment to discuss the scan on thursday.  hopefully, I get to take a copy of the knee scan so I can post it.  or maybe the doctor will let me take a picture of the scan.  I’ve never seen my knee in 3d before.

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