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for all my friends · first data ride, ever.

first data ride, ever.

with a fully charged garmin edge 500, and a practically brand new powertap wheelset, I headed out the door in search of data.  syncing the computer head to my heart rate strap and hub was simple enough.  I set up the various screens on the garmin last night – there were 3 pages that could be scrolled through with a touch of a button, but what I was most concerned with was my power output and heart rate.  granted, I wasn’t expecting huge amounts of wattage, but up until this point I had never known how much power I was putting down.  the numbers jumped around a bit since it was updated every second, so I swapped it out for the power average every 3 seconds, which was much smoother in number transition, and easier to look at.  the wonders of a modern cycling computer…

I stopped looking at the computer after a while, though.  maybe a quick glace every couple minutes, or more frequently when I could feel the lactic acid seeping in.  it was pretty neat, but the part I was most impressed with wasn’t even the geeky tech of possessing a power meter.  I was completely blown away by the 23mm wide rims the powertap hubs were laced to.  the ride quality was absolutely unparalleled to that of my 19mm wide mavic open sport wheelset.  it was so consistently smooth, like nothing I’ve ever ridden on before.  I remember looking at the front wheel thinking, “look at how wide that tire and rim are…it’s like a big rig tire for a bicycle”.  the gatorskins never felt so good through corners.  since they weren’t ballooning out anymore, it felt completely different that how I was used to them feeling.  ‘smooth’ is really the only word that comes to mind.

I can’t even remember the last time I came out to alpine dam.  it’s been a long time, that’s for sure.  the weather was perfect, no cars were out, and the handful of cyclists that I did see out where enjoying it as much as I was.  my legs and lungs were burning on the climbs, but they didn’t feel completely exhausted.  finally, progress!

after a quick refill at the ranger station, I dipped down into stinson and highway 1, pacing a car that appeared to have a driver more intrigued with me in his rear view, following his every move, rather than the actual road.  the weather grew foggy and cool, a sharp contrast to the rolling hills I had just came from.  I hit the back half of muir woods and headed back towards the bridge.  there were tons of tourists, as expected, but surprisingly, I made it across in decent time, without eating it into a blazing saddles rental bike.  quite the success.

oh, as a side note, I’m running my garmin in metric in a small attempt to be more euro.  I guess the garmin embed box shows in standard though…

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  1. Crap that first pic is EPIC.

    Yay for data.

  2. Very nice ride, thanks for the read. GET ON STRAVA!!!


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