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for all my friends · September 2011

September 2011

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cannondale recently renovated their website, making it much more punchy and graphics based.  I was actually on there checking the caad10 geometry when I received a 404 web error, stating that the page I had requested had been removed.  even their error page was different…anyway, I proceeded to browse around a bit, and realized that the 2012 caad10’s were out.  here’s the run down on the pre-builds.

the geometry remains the same for 2012.  the differences are in the builds offered, and color schemes.  all frames utilize a bb30 bottom bracket, save chain and seat stays, delta seat tube, hydroformed aluminum tubing, tapered carbon fork, and all the tech from last year.

shimano 105: this was offered last year, so it comes as no surprise that then ‘entry’ level caad10 build would be 105, out the door for $1600usd.  the white frameset has black logo lettering with the liquigas-cannondale pro team color splashes of electric green and blue.  the shimano rs-10 wheelset has blue anodized nipples to match – it has an fsa gossamer pro, bb30 crankset.  cannondale provides their own c3 branded stem, compact drops, and carbon-wrapped aluminum seatpost, topped with a prologo kappa saddle.

shimano 105:  the second color scheme has the frameset in black with white logo lettering, and dark grey accents.  the wheelset nipples are silver – the build remains the same as the above.

sram rival:  it would seem fitting that cannondale would offer a (‘lower’ end) sram build with it’s framesets now, since their pro team is sponsored by sram.  this is the only sram build for the caad10 (the supersix evo is offered in sram red, with the regular supersix offered in sram apex and rival).  the build comes in at $2000 with the rival, fulcrum racing 7 wheelset and the same cannnondale c3 aluminum cockpit as the 105 pre-build.  the cranks are sram s500, bb30.  the paint scheme is reminiscent of the gulf oil race cars – pastel blue with black lettering and bright orange accents.  very lively!

sram rival:  the build also comes in a second color scheme.  raw, brushed aluminum with a glossy clearcoat, black lettering, a black painted carbon fork, with dark grey accents.  the last time cannondale did a raw caad frameset was with the caad8 optimo a couple years back.  I’m glad they’re bringing it back!  it’s easily my favorite out of the bunch.

shimano ultegra 6700:  the 6700 build uses an fsa sl-k light carbon crankset and mavic aksium wts wheels.  same cannondale c3 components and prologo saddle.  the frameset comes in white with black lettering, and what I’m calling ‘blood’ red accents.  the color scheme is very ‘dexter’, don’t you think?  the caad10 ultegra build is $2330.

shimano ultegra 6700:  the bike is also offered in the same black, white, and dark grey scheme as the shimano 105 build.  same componentry as the bike above with a grey and black sl-k crankset.

shimano dura-ace 7900:  the top-tier cannondale caad10 continues to use the previous year’s color scheme of matte black with gloss black logos.  the bike comes out to $3650 and comes with shimano rs80 wheels and a (baseline) fizik arione saddle.  oddly enough, the bike has ultegra 6700 brakes, chain, and cassette…the only things that are dura-ace 7900: shifters, front derailleur, and rear derailleur.

view complete specs on the 2012 cannondale caad10.

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the pro moment.

handbuilts for the cobbled classics.  at first glance, riding over cobblestones paved into the ground doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.  but pro cyclists don’t just ride over them.  they race on the cobbles for relentless hours on end.  so it would come as no surprise that most pro bikes rely on wheelset basics to get them rolling as efficiently, and comfortably as possible.  enter the realm of the handbuilt wheelsets.  let’s use the above photo as reference.  movistar used campagnolo record hubs, 3 cross laced to campagnolo barcelona 92 box section tubulars with wider tires glued for extra cushion.  these handbuilt wheelsets are put into rotation once the cobbled classics begin, but don’t see much daylight afterwards.  appropriately, after the classics are over, they’re stashed away until the next year.  there’s a certain humbling sensation about classic-specific wheelsets.  pro cyclists ride on some of the lightest, smoothest riding, fastest wheelsets year round – when the cobbled classics come around early season, a majority of the carbon rims, ceramic bearings, and fancy aero wheels go away.  but not completely.  there are still some riders that race (and win) on carbon, but they are the exceptions to the ‘norm’.

euskatel-euskadi:  the team appears to be riding on dura-ace hubs, 3x to ambrosio nemesis box section tubulars and vittoria tires.  classics for the classics.

bretagne-schuller:  the pro-continental team rode on ambrosio nemesis box section tubulars, too.

omega-pharma lotto:  riders were equipped with spokey, mavic box section tubulars.  notice the bike on the bottom left, out of the picture.  this rider chose to race on mavic cosmic carbon tubulars for the race.

another exception to the ‘norm’: 2010 winner, fabian cancellara, rode on bontrager race xxx lite carbon tubulars with 27mm fmb tubulars front and rear for 2011.  the wheels might be a bit of an exception, but the tires fit right into the classics.

2010: fabian cancellara won the paris-roubaix on zipp 303 carbon tubulars.  zipp raved for the rest of the year about the torsional rim shape, and how it acted like a spring under load.  meanwhile, all the fair-weather internet cyclists of the world claimed cancellara had a brifter controlled, seat tube based bottom bracket motor.  unfortunately, he couldn’t recreate his amazing win this season.

garmin-cervélo had a slew of mavic box section tubulars.  but…

johan van summeren won on prototype mavic m40 carbon tubulars anyway.  granted, he was running 27mm, gumwall tubulars, but he flatted with 5km to go.  and still won.

in short, rider preference rules above all.  if a cyclist is comfortable riding 250km+ on carbon tubulars and chunky tires, what’s stopping him (or her) from doing so?  that being said, a pro team’s wheel arsenal is never complete without classic’s specific handbuilt wheelsets!

photos from steephill and bike radar.


chas from tcb courier managed to snap his drive-side crank arm.  they appear to be campagnolo record pista cranks, but I could be wrong.  either way, breaking drivetrain components from shear day-in, day-out riding is just plain crazy.

tipped from steve!

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not an official criterium, though it does have somewhat of a red hook crit vibe to it.  a downtown los angeles looped alleycat, so to speak.  but on another note, the red hook crit milano is in 2 weeks, and they’re also throwing a 5.7k running competition as well.  way to step it up another level, they’re definitely setting the bar for other ‘promoters’ looking to offer the same types of street races for cyclists all around the world.

tipped from flwrider.

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friday’s ride.

it’s friday, again.  when I headed out of the house this morning, the street lights were still on, and the sun was barely coming over the horizon.  the days are getting shorter, but luckily, the weather isn’t too cold, yet.  it was a bit warmer out today than yesterday, oddly enough.  but not damp and foggy like this week’s previous rides, that was a relief.  anyway, nothing else really happened.  I managed to break my speed record down into sausalito, which wasn’t too impressive since I’m sure other guys have gone down way faster than me.  it was a feel-good moment though, especially at the beginning of the ride.

nothing else really happened in marin, everything was fairly quiet for a friday morning.  on my way back through san francisco, a huge group of kids were walking up the path starting at the beginning of van ness.  there must’ve been at least 70 people in the mix, but surprisingly, they left a small pathway on the side for people to get through.  but as I was making my way through, 2 smaller kids popped out of no where, and started running with they’re heads turned to the side.  I laughed for a second because I remember being hilariously careless as a kid as well.  but then my senses kicked in, and I called out to them just in time.  I was about to either lock up my rear wheel, or endo the front.  or maybe both.  they moved aside, and I maneuvered through the rest of the crowd.

I arrived at a red light shortly thereafter, and my heart was still beating high.  and my head felt suddenly much lighter (in weight, not from a lack of blood).  I love adrenaline kicks.  especially on friday’s, hell yea!

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my bet is that this is in europe somewhere.  euro friday’s!

pulled from pedalfar.



oldies are still goodies.  that frame is amazing!

pulled from tae.

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takeover la did an interview with steve tortorelli!  steve is a local cyclist that works for tcb courier as the soma manager, though he started out as a worker bee, just like everyone else.  congrats on the upgrade, steve.

“Why not SF?! Ha! I grew up here its my jam and i dont really see myself leaving for anywhere else anytime soon. The riding is really chill but competitive when it needs to be and everyone has a good vibe. It isn’t LA but I love the weather here. The hottest it gets is high 80s sometimes mid 90s and I’m cool with that.”

“I’m not really into the “Big boy gear” riding. If you ride a stupid big track gear in SF your asking to get hurt. Track gearing is meant for THE TRACK. And a lot of the peeps out there have never experienced what their bikes can really do unless they get out to the track and see what a 59×11 can do when you really try…Ha!”

“Be uncool wear a helmet and Rubber side down…. IM OOT!”

read the full interview on takeover la.  steve and chas are legends.  I’m glad they’re finally getting some more coverage, they definitely deserve it.

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thursday’s ride.

and so ends our heatwave.  it was a couple degrees cooler outside this morning, which was a bit of a relief since yesterday was almost too warm for what I was wearing.  better to be overdressed than under, I guess.  wouldn’t want to catch a cold while halfway through a ride, then everything is just miserable.  and it’s happened to me before.  I remember a long time ago, I headed out with just arm warmers (with bibs and a jersey of course) – it started raining, and I grew cold, but kept riding anyway.  woke up the next morning with a high fever.  I learned my lesson.  respect the weather and layer appropriately!

the bridge was completely saturated with water, and the fog was crazy thick heading across.  the mission cycling headlands raiders were coming through just as I approached the underside path.  everyone had blazing high intensity lights flashing all over the place.  it’s definitely that time of year again.  the cooler weather coming back, lights on the bike, and the sun rising later in the morning.  it’s going to be worse when we turn the clocks back, I think we’re technically gaining an hour, but that means the sun isn’t going to come up until 7:40am or something.  anyway, as soon as I crossed the bridge, the weather instantly cleared up.  sausalito, and beyond, was perfectly sunny.  on my way back from paradise loop, a rider caught onto my rear wheel along the bike path.  I proceeded to have 2 close calls with a kid riding his red bike in the middle of the path (though I cut him a break, since he was on a bike without training wheels), and then a runner who was also in the middle of the bike path.  2 headphones in, of course.  anyway, at one of the red lights along the way back through the city, denis (I found out his name later) asked me how I liked my osymetric chainrings.  we talked for a bit as I took in his setup: storck with an srm, dt swiss 240 hubs to carbon rims of some sort, and a big backpack.  I split once the climbing began, but not before joking about how the bridge construction workers treated cyclists.

so I made it back onto the bridge, and it was as foggy as before (see photo above).  the bridge construction bike traffic duty guy was standing to the side again, and told me to just go slow when I was passing the working section.  cool, got it.  as I made my way through the fenced section, and eventually to the work area, I just saw 4 or 5 guys just leaning against the guard rail, looking at me.  I was going as slow as I could go, feathering my brakes and hugging the opposite rail towards the actual roadway.  they weren’t working right now, apparently, so as soon as I passed through their section, I was back on my way.  but then the other bike traffic duty guy gave me this sour look and said, “walk your bike”, as I passed through his little guard station.  this is what I don’t understand.  everyone has walkie talkies now, why can’t there be some cohesive ‘rule’ or etiquette to passing through the danger zone.  do I really have to unclip and walk my bike past workers that aren’t even working?  it really seems unnecessary…oh well.

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I actually like the gumwall tires against the cream frameset.  and the arc handlebars with the dual brake levers.  the reflectors could go, but I guess it’s safety first.  especially in chicago.

pulled from pedalfar, originally on bike fancy.


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