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for all my friends · October 2011

October 2011

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pantani carbon.

pantani nero.

pantani corsair.

I know everyone’s heard it before.  ‘all carbon bikes look the same’.  I tend to agree with that statement, but there’s still a special place in my heart for blacked out, race worthy bikes.  nothing screams stealth excellence quite like matte black.  pantani frames also appear to be very slick, I wonder if we’ll find out more about them soon?  pantani bikes and carrera are both owned by podium, an italian based corporation.  marco pantani (rest in peace) rode carrera bikes back when he was a pro cyclist, so it would only be fitting that he would have a brand under his name as well.  distribution to the usa seems rather limited, but they’re booming in italy.  maybe we’ll see a pro cycling team riding them next season, who knows!

photos from pantani bikes – see more information on their website.

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low track.

look at the welds!  andrew low knows how to make a nice aluminum track frame, that’s for sure.  low mentioned the fastback seat stay option back in july, but I haven’t seen a frame, other than trevor’s, with it.  I wonder if he’ll cue it up for production soon…

photo from steve!

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this is too bike relevant not to post.  forever bicycles by ai weiwei.

pulled from tracko.

monday’s ride.

well, you can probably already assume that I forgot to stop along the way back to take a picture of today’s riding conditions.  it was a bit more foggy and misty this morning on the bridge, and for a monday, the roads were pretty quiet.  I’m assuming that some people also took the day off, considering it’s halloween.  that being said, I’m excited to go candy shopping tomorrow – I’m hoping there’s going to be some bags of m&m’s, twizzlers, twix, kit kat bars, and variety packs on sale.  mmm, sugar.

while stopped at the end of the sausalito/mill valley path, a women (walking her dog) recognized me, and mentioned that she sees me everyday.  we talked briefly about the weather – today wasn’t nearly as cold as last week.  I’m not expecting the temperature to last much longer, though.  it’s already starting to become cooler during the evenings, and pretty soon, it’ll be warmers from head to toe.  on the bright side, the misty weather kept the bridge construction to a minimum.  there were only 4 workers on the marin side, working on the asphalt near the entrance.  all the lanes of traffic were gridlocked, as various ambulance, highway patrol, and cops flew past.  but by time I had made it to the first pillar, the southbound traffic was already starting to open up.  unfortunately, the cars heading towards marin were at a standstill.

halloween blues, presumably.

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julie krasniak (rapha-focus) powering through the mud at this weekend’s boulder cup.  notice the gleaming white stem, bars, and tape.  pink hoods and bar taped ends to match, of course.

pulled from velonews.


roberto tronconi partnered with rock racing owner, michael ball, to create a unique, race worthy carbon frameset.  the rx5ri was developed in their new facility in faenza, italy.

the tubes are made from a carbon and nomex honeycomb sandwich.  the tubing structure is said to eliminate high frequency vibration and noise.

bb86 bottom bracket, and tapered head tube.  frameset starts at €3200.

tipped from bike rumor.

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I understand the benefits of promoting yourself as a musician, but please be considerate of other people’s property.  2 separate stickers were placed on my family’s 2 car bumpers, next to their residential permits.  it’s more of a pain to take off, that’s all.  I’d appreciate it if you, or anyone else that has access to your stickers, would refrain from placing them on vehicles and any other property belonging to residents.  thanks.

for those of you interested in andrew whiting‘s music, visit the whiting.

sunday’s ride.

I always love seeing those big cargo ships passing under the bridge.  sometimes you see them in the distance, either coming into the bay, or leaving, while riding across the bridge.  that’s a really good race on a quiet morning.  seeing if you can get to the other side of the bridge before the ship nose makes it under the span.  there’s nothing like a little recreational competitiveness with 2 completely unrelated modes of transportation.  it’s always surprising how fast those ships move, too.

today was a bit warmer than the last couple days, it wasn’t nearly as frigid as it could be on an early morning ride.  there were the usual suspects out, including the extremely tan runner lady, and the sun hat lady, both of which, I haven’t seen for a week or so.  other than that, the paths were quiet until later on, when bigger group rides started heading out from the city.  the benefit of riding on the weekend is 2 fold: there’s no bridge construction to stop for, and there’s no 1-way traffic to worry about around paradise drive.

but that sums up my sunday ride.  quiet, as usual.

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samantha schneider (team type 1) tailing arielle filiberti (ryan collegiate all-stars team) at the nature valley grand prix, 2 years back.

originally on flickr.


team cannondale-cyclocrossworld.com worked closely with cannondale to develop the superx disc prototype cyclocross frameset.

notice the neon down tube logo.

direct post mounts, front and rear, accommodate for 140mm discs.  the riveted tabs can be swapped to allow spacing for 160mm rotors as well.

all business.  though I still feel that the frame still stands to gain a bit more from internal shift cabling.  maybe that’s already in the works.

100/135mm white industry mi6 hubs, front and rear, respectively.  notice how immaculate the silver is.  the components could be part of a silverware set in a formal dining room.

tech from bike radar.

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