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for all my friends · friday’s ride.

friday’s ride.

coldest morning ride I’ve ridden through in a long, long time.  well, I guess not too long, but definitely more than 6 months.  the air just kept on getting colder as I kept heading out towards mill valley.  thank goodness for full leg warmers, seriously.  it was 6-9*C (~40*F) for quite a long time before the sun started to thaw the air.  there wasn’t a cloud in sight while pedaling across the bridge – the headwind was killer, though.  an early morning commuter nearly locked up his wheels and crashed into me as I made it around one of the pillars.  he appeared to be sleepy and freezing cold.  reasonable on everyone’s first ‘cold’ day.  I dropped into sausalito and saw naveen (metromint), I think, heading back towards san francisco.  he can probably attest to the chilling weather.

it was like another zombie apocalypse hit the path out to camino alto.  there were about 3 people out walking, and I saw the same girl that rides her townie basket bike to school everyday.  but besides that, there wasn’t any one out there.  even the birds were hiding out from the weather.  though, I have to say, our ‘cold’ weather isn’t nearly as numbing as the pacific north west, east coast, or europe.  but relatively speaking, it was cold.  for the first time ever, I was wearing my long sleeve jersey, which felt cozy.  I had a wind vest over it and merino wool full finger gloves to block out the wind as much as possible.  I was surprised that the gloves did such a great job, they worked much better than my endura wind gloves (I haven’t worn them since last year though…I may try them again).  comfort is key in cold weather.  and staying dry is the other important part.  at certain points, I unzipped the vest to cool down a bit.  sweating in cold weather isn’t ideal since it’ll make you even colder, and could eventually lead to hypothermia.

if you really want to read a badass gear/food report, you have to check out andy jacques-maynes’ article on winning the 24 hours of moab.  pro is pro, I love it so.

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