jacques maynes.

“I had a lot of food on hand: 24 Clif Bars, 10 Clif Shot Bloks, 6 Snickers Bars, 10 Gatorades (grape flavor!), and 7 beef/bean/rice burritos that I got from a local taqueria. I would eat a Clif Bar every hour on the hour, and I would stop and eat some real food – a snickers and a burrito – every third lap.”

andy jacques maynes, ‘details on jacques-mayne 24 hours of moab‘ – podium insight.  photo from twitter.  since the pro cycling season is over, ‘why I love‘ and ‘the pro moment‘ will be on hold until january.  starting a new, possibly daily, series of pro cycling quotes, instead!

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  1. that sounds like my freshman year in college. Lol great quote!


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