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for all my friends · Saturday’s ride.

Saturday’s ride.

Today, I woke up early and headed down to Redwood City to ride with Justin.  I can’t even remember the last time I had been down in the peninsula, but there was something very different and cool about the rides down there.  Nothing was ever flat.  There was always a grade up or a grade down.  And it was always fast.  So after a brisk drive down the freeway, I was at his place in about 30 minutes.  Not bad for a quiet Saturday morning.  The weather was brisk, not too windy (yet).

The ride was to be at least 3 hours long, with climbing.  I’ve been off the road bike since the 5th, so it took a couple minutes to get adjusted to the positioning again.  And those oblong chainrings.  Soon, we were on our way, climbing some residential street.  A bit of a ways later, we hit Kings…last time, we had ended on Kings as a descent, but this time, we were climbing up it.  2300 vertical feet later, we were at the top, and started making our way along the long, sweeping rollers of Skyline.  No stopping for burgers at Alice’s – too hungry for bergs.

We looped back around to hit the back section of Old La Honda (view photographed above).  The front side descent was somewhat steep/technical, but luckily we made it down without any mishaps.  After riding more false flats, we were at Canada Road.  More false flat action for a bit, then into the residential mountains for a steep berg.  My memory is a bit hazy, but I do remember since a scary looking house, a plot of land for sale, a lady walking her 3 dogs, and a couple other things before looping back on Canada, back towards where we started.  After another fast descent, we took one last climb up some random residential spot, but I can’t quite remember if the berg was before or after this point.

Probably because after the ride was said and done, I ate the Kryptonite at Ike’s:

Thanks for the photo, and sandwich(es), Justin.  And congrats on the promotion.  I hope I made you proud finishing a large amount of food.  I won’t need to eat for at least another 16 hours, awesome.  One last shout out to Maggie and their dogs, Ace and Ginger.  Ace, don’t eat stuff on the ground.  Oh, and Hell on wheels is an awesome cycling documentary.  I need to watch more good ones.

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  1. Bet it felt good to be back on the bike.


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