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for all my friends · Sunday’s ride.

Sunday’s ride.

I’ll preface this report by saying I wasn’t actually planning on waking up really, really late this morning, but due to circumstances outside of my control, it was so.  I remembered that there had been talks about doing a group ride to Alpine Dam on SFFixed – I still had time to make it to the panhandle.  So, with that route in mind, I headed out, planning on hitting Paradise Loop on the way back, depending on how the riding was going.  I showed up to see a bunch of guys already at the bench – I’m not going to attempt to name everyone, since I only knew (left to right) Jim, Alex, Brandon (in the back), Nathan, Zach, and Ben.  No idea what the names of the other guys are…

A couple more people showed up, and soon, we were off towards the bridge.  The Golden Gate was packed, to say the least.  Somewhere along the way, I saw Rustie coming back from his ride, smiling in the slew of tourists and rent-a-bike cyclists.  Hope you had a good ride, good seeing you out!  It took basically forever to get across, but once we were, we dropped into Sausalito.  But not before passing the remnants of a bike crash, of sorts.  It was unclear what had happened, but there was a firetruck blocking the whole lane, protecting a tourist with their bike, ambulance, etc.  We rode together towards the fountain behind Mike’s Bikes and a new ride plan had been tossed into the mix.  Jeremiah, Zach, Ben, Brandon, and I opted to just ride Paradise Loop.  The pace we were keeping was a tad on the slow side, and I didn’t want to stay out too long.  Clearly, the empty Sunday mornings were long gone, and the sunny, path-jammed days of spring were now here.  I should’ve woken up earlier…

That being said, the 5 of us had a pretty stellar time just riding.  I hadn’t seen the upper part of my heart rate in such a long time, at one point after Tiburon, I thought I’d have to take a breather, or something.  But, that never happened, and shortly thereafter, we were back to the mess that was the bridge.  Short solution being, open up the west side walkway for the cyclists, but that’ll never happen.  Ben opted to take it easy out of Sausalito, and the 4 of us split at the edge of the bridge, San Francisco side.  Good seeing everyone out, I forgot how fun it was riding with other people.

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  1. Good seeing you guys briefly. You guys NEED to come ride in the Southbay!

  2. It was good to see you guys in the middle of the tourist soup. I made it out early and had to take a shuttle across the bridge due to a foot race, so I was just happy to be riding coming back the other way. I did Mt. Tam and it was awesome to get up above the fog. Great, great ride with amazing views. See you next time!

  3. Nice meeting you! I’m Joshua, white helmet & peace sign. The Paradise Loop sounds faster than what we ended up doing – but some of those Rando guys descend crazy fast – fat tires FTW. Maybe Alex and I (and some other SJFixed) can get another ride where some of the SFFixed show us around.

  4. Haha, you guys must have been like 2mins behind me, from what it sounds like. I decided to climb climb hawk first then off to a ploop.


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