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for all my friends · Dailies. Last day in Germany.

Dailies. Last day in Germany.

My last full day in Germany.  We fly out tomorrow from Leipzig at 1pm to Munich, then fly back to San Francisco.  Something like a 16 hour flight because of the wind?  I’ve already packed up all my clothes and have my compression tights sitting ready for tomorrow.  Earlier today, we headed downtown to check out the Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig.  To my surprise, the entry into the museum was free.  The building was 4 stories tall, the top floor being a seminar area.  Initially, I thought the 2nd floor was just a gift shop, so we skipped over it and headed to the 3rd floor.  The third floor featured photography from one photographer, Thomas Hoepker, in Germany from before and after unification.  The other section of the floor was dedicated to freedom of expression after unification.  We walked down a floor to peer into the gift shop and realized that there was a whole other section right around the corner from the store.  Firstly, why is the main part of this museum, all the cool, informative stuff, hidden behind their store?  I mean, I almost passed right down the stairwell without even seeing the rest of the museum, thank goodness we went in.  Anyway, the 3rd floor was filled with history artifacts from after WWII, leading up to the wall, and then eventually unification.  So basically, we should’ve hit this floor before going up to the modern part, but oh well.

We walked over to the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst (a contemporary art museum), but again it was closed!  They opened at 2pm, but we weren’t willing to wait because there were other things we had to do before we left.  We headed back to the city center and eventually made it back home.  My last night here in Germany and I’m going through photos, haha.


Overlooking Naschmarkt.


Right outside the stairs to the 3rd floor.


Photography from Thomas Hoepker.


Starting to get into the permanent part of the museum.


Entering the 2nd floor.


A comprehensive history of everything.


Time line around a massive skylight.


Amazing museum on the inside, so many sections, so much information I couldn’t even read!


Heading towards more things related to the division of Germany.


Conrad Schumann and other famous photos.


Stepping into another massive space.



There were a couple more sections of the museum that eventually lead back towards the gift store, but there was too much to even photograph.  Definitely worth a visit, it was so interesting seeing the division and unification from a different perspective and so well documented.  There’s so much culture and so much history to take in.

This is my last post from Germany.  I’d like to thank everyone for following along, and for all the support.  I wish everyone a healthy and happy 2013.  Good night from Leipzig.  Speak to you back in San Francisco, thanks for reading!

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