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Another ordinary Tuesday.  The weather was a bit cooler than yesterday, and as the day went on, it grew significantly more windy.  I’m hoping it’s not too bad at the velodrome tomorrow night.  And I’m hoping that the traffic isn’t too crazy on the way down.  It was great getting out of the office for running, though.  I took a walk out to Pier 39 with some of my co-workers as well, expecting warm weather, and getting nothing but wind.  Oh well.

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We’re having summer weather in spring, which is pretty typical.  It’s always warmest in the spring and autumn months for some reason, but foggy every single day in the summer.  Either way, I slept in after a packed weekend of staying up way too late – figured I needed to get back into the rhythm of things with a run at lunch.  It was really nice out along the Embarcadero, tons of people walking everywhere.  Hope this weather keeps up!

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Ran out to the ballpark at lunch.  More running stuff en route to me since my running habits seem to be more consistent than my riding.  I also was able to get out of work at a decent hour, and stopped by the shop to drop off my carbon tubulars.  Should be good to roll in the near future!

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I was fortunate enough to slip away at lunchtime for a run out to the ballpark and back.  Just when I thought it’d be a chill week, 3 project fall into my lap right at the beginning of the day, all with tight deadlines.  Not ideal, but I’ll have to cope.  The legs felt pretty tired today from the 5k yesterday, which just means I’m just extremely out of shape.  At least the run helped reinvigorate my spirits before settling in for more work.  We’ll see how the rest of the week goes.

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Falling to sleep last night proved to be quite the task – basically impossible.  It was strange because the fatigue was setting in, and I was physically tired from racing/driving, but it was really hard just resting and sleeping.  Woke up this morning feeling okay, and decided to go for a run at lunch to get some fresh air.  As it turns out, caffeine does wonders.  I had never taken a sip of coffee or anything remotely related to caffeine before, until one of my co-workers gave me a cranberry Red Bull.  I sipped half and started feeling a funny sensation on my hands thinking, “Ah yea, it’s kicking in, time to run”.  Normally, I probably would’ve started fading after a mile or so, especially after running yesterday afternoon, then racing at the velodrome, but today I maintained an okay pace above my average fatigue speed.  Slowly sipped the rest of the can through the rest of the day, but it was an interesting venture into something new.  Probably won’t be having Red Bull again, but wouldn’t mind exploring caffeinated drink options for the future (not coffee or energy drinks, though).  Apparently Cytomax powdered mix has a bit of caffeine in it (“Herbal lift”), so that might be something to consider.

Working late sucks, though.  At least the project was cleared at 9pm.  Time for sleep.

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Ran at lunch today, and went for a couple short walks so I wouldn’t go crazy sitting at my desk.  Same old.  Wednesday night track racing is just around the corner.  The Optimo is geared at 49 15 now, since I took the 15t cog back from my spare wheel.  Pretty excited!

Side note, this morning it was raining like crazy.  It cleared up in the afternoon, just before more clouds rolled in, and then cleared away once more to some windy weather.  Strange springtime stuff, but typical nonetheless.

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Ran out to the ballpark and back for lunch.  The weather was a lot windier than expected, but surprisingly, there were a lot of people out, which made running through the crowd kind of a pain.  Still had a good time out, though.

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A tad bit of rain on today’s run out to the ballpark.  Luckily, I packed my lightweight shell, which helped a bit with staying warm.  The rain wasn’t too bad – there were a lot less people walking along the Embarcadero, which was nice.  I was hoping to get a ride in when I woke up, but that plan quickly changed when I decided to get more sleep.  Oh well.

Today also marks the first day of spring.  Farewell, winter!

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More flatland running at lunch.  Crazy day at work, but hoping things will ease up soon…maybe?  Definitely not one of the happier days I’ve had, unfortunately.  Lots of mixed news making me happy and sad at the same time.  Good people moving onto bigger/better opportunities, while the rest of us are just kind of getting by.

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I’ve been taking some time to sleep in…which has been a plus and a minus.  Plus, because it’s technically more sleep, minus because I’m usually up awake at night, thinking about why the hell I’m up awake at night.  Oh well.  The running is keeping me fit, but probably not making me faster.  Same 3.6 miles at lunch, out to the ballpark and back.  We’ll see what happens in the next couple days.

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