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Crowd at 1015.




How did you die?




Fecal Face gallery for Skull and Sword.



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Kicking off St. Patrick’s Day early.


Ate some Thai food, shared some stories, and caught a flick with Tim and Andrew.  Good seeing you guys out!  Thanks for keeping my usb drive warm, Tim.




Easter time, all the time.


Tug of war.


Pink/white fade lotus with matching bar wrap.

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Tarmac SL4.


Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL4 Olympic Edition Frame (164 of 260 made), Campagnolo Super Record 11, Lightweight Obermayer clinchers…6.24kg, $15,000AUD – but could be yours through Freedom Wheels Modified Bike Program Raffle!

See more on Cycling Tips.

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Black Friday was completely crazy this year.  I don’t remember ever seeing Union Square so busy before, there were people stacked in every single store, regardless if there were good sales on or not.  I actually didn’t buy anything for myself, but it was nice just walking around with my cousins and looking at stuff.  Stockton, Geary, and Post were all closed off for the tree lighting ceremony.  Macy’s was barricaded off on the Union Square entrance to help manage the flow of people into the store.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people downtown before.  It was pretty awesome.

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Thursday’s ride.

Not ideally how I wanted to start the ride.  As I rode along the bike path from Sausalito to Mill Valley, the rear derailleur flew down the cassette to the smallest cog.  Initially, I thought the cable stop had snapped in the head of the shifter, like a couple months ago.  Upon closer inspection, the bolt on the derailleur had loosened, allowing the cable to go completely slack.  I pulled the cable and tried to get some tension back so I didn’t have to ride the 11t all the way home.  Luckily, I was able to get 2 mid-range cogs to ride, the rest were shot.  I turned the bike around and began to pedal back home, disappointed.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Life is too short.

I got a call tonight.  The house keeper my mom recommended to my uncle passed away this afternoon, his first day on the job.  We headed over to support him, and to answer any questions the coroner had.  The guy was around 60 years old, friendly, and had a vivid personality from what I’ve been told.  Even though I didn’t know the guy personally, I feel sad that he died alone with no one around him.  His cell phone was by his side – maybe he was trying to call for help?  We’ll never know.  It’s tragic.  It makes me think about my own life.  A harsh reality check.

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Monday’s ride.

Starting off Monday right.  And starting this week optimistically, but mostly because I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving on Thursday.  Thinking about all the food and all the good times to be had while eating the food.  I have a deep appreciation for everyone that cooks for Thanksgiving, because they’re usually not the ones eating a lot – maybe I should help out a bit in the kitchen to earn my plate.  While on today’s ride, I had nothing but time to think about random things, and food seemed to be a fairly persistent topic.  Other than that, I almost t-boned a cyclist who was trying to cross an intersection on Bridgeway, riding in the opposite lane, perpendicular to me – so yea, she was extremely close, looking to her right, the opposite direction that I was coming from.  She was edging towards the bike path and I called out to her.  She stopped on the bike, yelling out, “Thanks!”.  What the hell kind of response is that.  Stop riding in the opposite lane, and look left, right, left, like they teach you in driver’s ed.  Then to thank me for calling her out?  Typical Monday.

Shout out to Maurice who I saw on the bike path as I was heading back towards the city, and Percy who I passed on the bridge.  Hope you guys had a stellar ride.  The weather is perfect!

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After a relatively lazy day of doing laundry and vegging out doing nothing, I figured I should jump on the bike for a ride around the city.  We’re having another bout of warm weather for the next couple days, which should be nice.  It also makes me wonder if the weather is going to get cold at all.  As a side note, I met up with 20+ people from my grammar school class last night, many of which are still living/working in Bay Area.  I hadn’t seen some people in nearly 10 years, so it was nice catching up and seeing familiar faces.  It also motivated me to see them doing really, really well for themselves.

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Happy Halloween.

My co-workers and I walked down to Market Street to check out the aftermath of the Giants parade.  It was surprising to see how many people took the day off to just hang out in San Francisco, and proceed to become more drunk throughout the day.  Other people had their kids head to toe in Giants gear, clearly pulling them out of school to “celebrate”.  A couple people had a hell of a time trying to get to work because of the traffic, and two of them ended up working from home instead.  I’m happy that the Giants won, it brings a lot of money into the city – I could really just do without the trash, violence, and fires.  It started to drizzle a bit later in the day, so hopefully that kept more people at home.

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While running at lunchtime, I noticed there were a lot less people out.  There were police lines taped from the beginning of the Ferry Building and at the bow and arrow – initially I thought it was in preparation for the Giant’s parade tomorrow, but as I headed back, it became clear that the lines were taped for something else.  I went behind the Ferry building, avoiding the crossed off area, continuing down towards the ballpark.  I went under the tape once more on the way back, but heard a stern call from one of the police officers nearby.  So I took a detour around downtown, and landed back in the office, telling some of my co-workers about the shenanigans outside.  Soon enough, we all found out that it was a bomb threat of sorts, an unclaimed bag tied to one of the poles on Market and the Embarcadero.  Long story short, it turned out to be harmless.

Kept us on our toes though.

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