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Sunday.  I slept in a bit but as soon as I woke up, I knew I’d want to get back on the cruiser again.  So I threw on some clothes and hoped it wouldn’t start drizzling like it did yesterday on Twin Peaks.  Lucky for me, the weather was pretty spectacular, and I stopped multiple times to just enjoy the view.  It made me appreciate the city a bit more.  Side note, yesterday afternoon I picked up a new battery for my heart rate strap thinking that was the issue on why it wasn’t reading correctly in the first 10 minutes of the ride.  But now, even after the battery change, it’s reading wonky.  So I just took out the battery and placed it in the other strap I have, and it seems to be reading okay now…but I’m indoors, not moving.  Not quite the most realistic conditions it’ll be used in, but oh well.  We’ll see how it works.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  It isn’t over yet!

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Dura-Ace 9000.


Welcome to the future.  Hilarious cross-chain, and not aggressive at all, but oh well.

More on Bike Rumor.

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Some of the best cycling tech you can buy.

Originally from Ciclismo Espresso.

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2013 MET Sine Thesis.  To me, one of the best looking helmets ever created, along with the Specialized S-Works Prevail.  Too bad MET’s are just so hard to find…

See more on Bike Radar.

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Absolutely brilliant.

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Absolutely awesome.  They’ll probably be slightly expensive and pretty impractical, but who cares?  If they’re handmade in Italy, they’ll still be awesome regardless.  I want more details.  It also reminds me of those casual shoes Specialized made last year with the release of their new S-Works road shoes.

Originally from Bike Rumor.

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Not ideally how I wanted to start the morning off chilling around town.  I was riding through Golden Gate park and while trying to avoid a bad section of road, the back tire smack a huge pothole.  At first, I was more concerned that I dented the rim since the entire back of the bike jumped up in the air.  After riding about 50ft more, the hissing started.  Le flat.  No problem, though, I figured I could just swap out the tube, head back home instead of hitting Twin Peaks on the way back.  So after fixing it, I road back through the city.  While waiting at a light, I heard a loud pop.  I got off the bike and looked at the rear tire, it spun smooth and everything.  Maybe slightly under-inflated, but nothing that could’ve made a popping sound.  Then I looked at the front wheel.

Oh geez.  One of the spokes had snapped.  I wiggled it free from the hub and inspected the remnants of the rim.  It still spun, it was just a bit wobbly.  I opened up the brake basically all the way.  Then entire time, this security guard in front of the old gas station was saying things like “Yo man, I think God might be giving you a sign!” “I ain’t ever seen that before, that’s some crazy…what is that even made out of?” “Ight, that thing spins now, but I feel like you’re gonna be good for about 8 blocks before that thing comes apart, how far you live – damn that’s far.”  Nice guy though.  I made it back home, safe and sound.  I gotta get this thing fixed though.  It’s the back up rim for my CAAD10.  Surprisingly enough, there’s more miles on the DT Swiss 240s/HED Belgiums on the CAAD10 than there are on the Halo/Velocity A23’s that are on the CAAD5.  Strange it would break, but I guess it just happens sometimes.


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81mm deep, 1355g for the set, 19.5mm wide…just $6200USD.  Holy crap.

Originally from Bike Radar.

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Tuesday’s Ride.


It’s been a while.  Well, I guess that refers to two things, the first being not actually riding my road bike in a while.  The second is the fact that I had the same phone for just over 2 years now, and felt I deserved an upgrade.  Cell phone camera shots from here on out should look a bit more crisp.  And I guess the other thing is that I haven’t done Barbershop loop in a long time as well, so that was kind of fun seeing something different for a change.  On the way back, I caught up to a cyclist riding a carbon Masi and he mentioned that he used to see me almost everyday.  He eventually left me, seeing on how I’m pretty out of shape at this point.  Hoping to change that soon, so we’ll see.

Off to work.

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The slight drizzle kind of wrecked my calculator watch while running stairs today, which is still puzzling to me considering the watch is suppose to be water resistant.  Now the number read all funny – I’m pretty sure it’s dead.  Stupid watch.  I’m hoping to rest better tonight and end the week well by riding the bike pre-dawn.  We’ll see.

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