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Fergus at the velodrome.  Local racing.

Originally from Joe Siwa.

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Fun learning time at the velodome, once more.  With track racing starting on April 3, and only 1 more beginner session left to complete before being able to race, I was excited to say the least.  Rob rolled by the house with his boy Tye, and we were off to San Jose.  There weren’t as many people at the velodrome as 2 weeks ago, which was nice for a change.  Beth (I think was her name) would be our mentor for the day, and ran through a couple drills after a 40 lap warmup.  The session ended with a 6 lap keirin, which was awesome.  Pretty happy with how the session went, it was lots of fun, and the weather was perfect!

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Another early Saturday morning.  Rob came by the house and we threw the bikes in the back and on top of all this chopped wood.  Never know when you’re going to need to stab a vampire in the face with a wooden stake – boom headshot.  Anyway, we headed down to San Jose expecting clear, sunny weather, and what we got was foggy, San Francisco skies.  It eventually burned off halfway through the session.  There were still a lot of riders out, a tad less than last week, but a lot of familiar faces, all of whom I’ve forgotten their names already.  After a warmup, shoulder bumping, some pursuit drills, and pep talk, it was time for the the 9 lap mock scratch race.  No accidental misclips this time, which was a relief.  Definitely fun to get some speed out on the velodrome, but I need to get that 15t cog back on the back of my bike.

But there’s at least 1 person running a 50×15, this guy:


Sparkly, almost brand new looking Makino.  Such a big gear for such a small guy.

See you next week, Hellyer.

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I’ve been meaning to get out on the track.  Actually, I probably should’ve started out on the track rather than on the road, racing crits and road races.  There’s something very fundamental about riding around an oval on a track bike – it just makes sense and it’s not dangerous like a closed street course.  There aren’t any bot dots, cracks in the road, sidewalks, or anything really hazardous to worry about.

So when Rob called me yesterday wanting to know what was up this weekend, I knew exactly what to say.  Hellyer Saturday morning beginner session.  With Wednesday night track races starting in April, I knew I would have to get in my 3 training sessions soon.  Admittedly, I’ve been slacking off the riding a bit, which hasn’t helped too much, but I’m hoping by at least attending the sessions, it’ll keep my mind on the right track (no pun intended).  There were a couple drills and training routines which allowed all of us to get a better grasp on velodrome riding.  I found it helpful to have some racing experience, but riding the track bike on the track just seemed to feel right.  Unfortunately, I unclipped out of my non-drive side pedal at one point, which could’ve ended with me just face-planting into the asphalt, but somehow, I was able to recover and ride down into the apron.  Not sure what happen there…

1 training session under the belt.  So glad to have made it out, big thanks to Rob for driving.

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