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Just before we stepped in the bus, it was horrible. I was almost crying because my hands we so cold. Everyone knows the pain when cold hands are warming up. It was strange to do a few kilometres in the bus and then start again in the rain. It was hard mentally today.

Gerald Ciolek after winning the shortened 2013 Milan-San Remo – SteepHill, photo from Cycling News.  246km, 5.5 hours in the saddle racing against the fastest cyclists in the world.  That’s crazy.

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I think just having guys in the team who have been doing this for so many years like David Millar, Andreas Klier or Johan Vansummeren is good. They told me to stay calm. Andreas told me last night: “Don’t get upset in the finale, you’ll be all alone, but stay calm. If you don’t, you’ll waste a lot of energy.”

Andrew Talansky – Paris-Nice 2013, stage 4, Cycling News.

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Once I got seven minutes lead, I tried to ride tempo. Now I’m the king of the mountains. But it’s a very big challenge to keep the jersey with what’s coming up. I’ll give it a try though!

Jordon Kerby (UniSA-Australia), Santos Tour Down Under 2013 stage 1 – Cycling News.  Photo from SteepHill.

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We had a little easy ride this morning and I said: ‘You know what? I don’t have a chance of winning anyway so I might as well do something silly and show myself, entertain the crowd.’ I did get a nice big cheer yesterday at the team presentation and just a way to say thank you to them. To say thanks for welcoming me and now I’m here to entertain you.

Jens Voigt beginning his last pro cycling season at the Tour Down Under – Cycling News.

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Tom Meeusen-quotes

I always need motivation in the summer to do the hard work. I like road racing but I think it’s boring to do it the whole summer. So for me, the mountain bike is perfect for that – I like more the technical aspect of races. It’s good preparation for cyclo-cross.

Tom Meeusen – Cycling News.  Photo from Jered Gruber.  Spoken like a pure Belgian cyclocross pro.  Things are different in Europe, it’s at a whole new level.  Everything is serious, and nothing is serious.

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de Kort.

This season we changed kit in April (from 1t4i to Argos-Shimano) which meant we got a second complete set of kit just a few months into the season. A complete set of kit usually consists of about 15 sets of kit but we receive new kit upon request or at the start of each grand tour. I think I ended up the season with about 25 sets of kit (knicks and jersey) even though I lost a couple due to crashes. We have various jerseys, aerodynamic jerseys, summer aero, normal and normal summer jerseys. Apart from that we get 3 pairs of shoes at the start of the season (every rider always has a spare set of shoes in the team car in case a shoe breaks due to a crash), a training helmet, a race helmet and an aerodynamic helmet. We also receive 2 training bikes, one for home and the other to have at the team training base in Spain and a polar watch. Sometimes teams provide riders with laptops and other cool gadgets and I once received a very expensive watch from one of the team sponsors.

Koen de Kort answers question on Cycling Tips.  Photo from Kristof Ramon.

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I must win, I am forced by my current situation.  I have no doubts.  If I am mentally prepared, as I know I am, I will have to vindicate myself every single time, no matter in which time of the season. No breaks, I cannot allow myself to stop.

Oscar Pujol – Cycling News.  Even at the lower ranks of pro cycling, the mentality is insane.  Then again, you have to be a little crazy to be that good.

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I am totally disheartened to have to place our sponsor dollars for our disciplined men’s team on hiatus for the 2013 season, but there is no choice given the corruption prevalent within the sport.  The magnitude of this situation should not be taken lightly and ignoring the severity is not going to rebuild the public’s trust in the sport. This has not been an easy decision, but one shared by our team management. In cooperation with management, we will ensure that each rider is placed and provided for. Exergy will not sit idly by, but intends to offer up rational solutions over the next month which regenerates the greatness of this perfect synthesis between man and machine.

Remi McManus, Exergy continental team manager – Cycling News.  Photo from Manual for Speed.  No men’s Exergy continental team for 2013.  Exergy-Twenty12, the women’s team, will continue on next season.

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As a world champion you can’t be happy with a fifth place. I seem to suffer with the second race in each weekend.

Niels Albert – Superprestige Gieten, Cycling News.

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I slipped just when I wanted to start my engine. I did believe that it was still possible [to win], especially because of the headwind. I had something left in my legs and saw that he bonked. He rode his sprint just before the road. I probably fell 20cm short. It was a nice weekend, nevertheless. It can’t be a party every time.

Belgian national cyclocross champion, Sven Nys, on placing 2nd at the Superprestige Gieten.  Originally on Cycling News.

If there ever was an image to sum up how badass cyclocross is in Europe, this is it.  54 minutes deep in the red with the fastest technical cyclocross riders in the world.

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