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Ran at lunch today, and went for a couple short walks so I wouldn’t go crazy sitting at my desk.  Same old.  Wednesday night track racing is just around the corner.  The Optimo is geared at 49 15 now, since I took the 15t cog back from my spare wheel.  Pretty excited!

Side note, this morning it was raining like crazy.  It cleared up in the afternoon, just before more clouds rolled in, and then cleared away once more to some windy weather.  Strange springtime stuff, but typical nonetheless.

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A tad bit of rain on today’s run out to the ballpark.  Luckily, I packed my lightweight shell, which helped a bit with staying warm.  The rain wasn’t too bad – there were a lot less people walking along the Embarcadero, which was nice.  I was hoping to get a ride in when I woke up, but that plan quickly changed when I decided to get more sleep.  Oh well.

Today also marks the first day of spring.  Farewell, winter!

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Opted for a run this afternoon since I had a rather restless night of not sleeping.  Not quite the same as a couple hours in the saddle, but it’d have to do.  I caught a break in the weather, and there wasn’t a drop of water falling from the sky which was nice.  Hoping for nice weather tomorrow!

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Friday’s ride.


Rewind to last night, right before I went to bed…I was checking the hourly forecast seeing if there was going to be any precipitation in the morning.  Low chance, but the temperature appeared to be hovering around the 40*F mark.  So this morning, I checked again, and noticed that the current temperature in Mill Valley was actually 38*…1 more layer to add, for sure.  So I threw on all the clothes and packed the rain shell, just in case.  Lucky for me, the rain seemed to have cleared overnight, and by time I made it across the bridge, it was fairly clear skies with a bit of dampness on the road.  And considering the roads were pretty much empty the entire way out, it was nice.  On the way back, I started seeing more people out, people commuting in their cars, and a small group heading out to the Divine Electric reverse Paradise Loop ride.  At least I think it was that.

Anyway, as I rode back towards the city, I passed a guy on a fixed gear, dual brakes – he said, “You pass me everyday!”  I looked back for a quick second and agreed, but only because he had 1 gear.  He passed me once more, as I stopped on the bridge to take the shot above – I caught up to him at Crissy and we began chatting about random cycling stuff.  Nice guy.

Thank goodness it’s Friday.  Have a good one.

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Decided to take the morning to sleep in a bit, though I ended up not really sleeping much more.  Kind of a waste, I guess, but oh well.  Apparently it rained a bit in the morning, so I guess I didn’t miss too much.  I decided to see how some flatland running would be in the afternoon.  The weather cleared up a lot, and it was pretty nice out by time I laced up the shoes.  I was able to get out for 3.5 miles, out to the ballpark and then back.  Not the same as riding, but still better than nothing, I guess!

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The slight drizzle kind of wrecked my calculator watch while running stairs today, which is still puzzling to me considering the watch is suppose to be water resistant.  Now the number read all funny – I’m pretty sure it’s dead.  Stupid watch.  I’m hoping to rest better tonight and end the week well by riding the bike pre-dawn.  We’ll see.

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I ran into a bit of rain this morning, just before the sun started coming up, which wasn’t too bad, but definitely made the running a bit damp.  The 3 weather sites (Wunder, Accu, and Weather.com) were reading ~44*F with a slight drizzle.  Long sleeve base layer with just the Microlight shell would be good enough.  After all, with the foggy weather, it was probably closer to running in San Francisco conditions rather than Germany.  This seems very warm for a German winter.  Either way, I left the house just as the street lights were turning off and started heading towards the canal.  The paths along the park edge began packing dirt into the bottom of my shoe which made it pretty comfortable to run on, but extremely slippery.  I guess in this situation, some all-terrain or trail runner would be a better choice.  By time I made it to the canal, the rain had stopped coming down, and it was beginning to feel pretty nice out.  Then a big truck came from behind and sprayed a bunch of water from the road across my legs.  Nice.

On came the hood again to try and gain back some body heat.  I passed the Redbull Arena, kept running and crossed the street farther down without much trouble at all.  There was no one out at all, and considering it was a holiday pretty much everywhere that celebrates Christmas, it was even more quiet.  I did happen to see a van parked near one of the canal split things near the end of the path, just as I was making a left turn towards the edge of the last pedestrian bridge, my turn around point.  I saw one runner in the distance, one running the opposite direction, and two about a quarter of a mile away as I was coming back towards the apartment.  Oh, and 2 cyclist at a random intersection riding what appeared to be messenger bikes of sorts – they were yellow with a rack up front that had 2 wheels that could retract off the rack and prop up the front of the bike.  Very interesting, as I’ve seen them downtown and through some of the streets here.


Another foggy day.  Pretty much like everyday in San Francisco, including the temperature.

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I caught a break in the weather and was able to get out of the office to run.  The rainy weather is here to stay through the weekend.  Not too excited about that.

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Nothing is more annoying than feeling perfectly fine, but having a runny nose.  I caught a break in the weather and ran for a short while, but the forecast is looking pretty hairy.  We’ll see what happens in the next couple days.

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Midweek already?  The weather has been a bit unpredictable lately.  It was raining in the morning, then it cleared up at around noon, and stayed clear for the rest of the day.  The rain is suppose to be around for the next couple days, so I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

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