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We’re having summer weather in spring, which is pretty typical.  It’s always warmest in the spring and autumn months for some reason, but foggy every single day in the summer.  Either way, I slept in after a packed weekend of staying up way too late – figured I needed to get back into the rhythm of things with a run at lunch.  It was really nice out along the Embarcadero, tons of people walking everywhere.  Hope this weather keeps up!

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As previously mentioned, it’s been hilariously windy all over the Bay Area recently.  It seemed to die down a bit as the night went on, but for the most part, turn 2 was the windiest section of the velodrome.  Either way, today’s races were set up a bit differently than the 2 previous weeks – Larry Nolan wasn’t there as a race organizer, and things were delayed quite a bit even for the opening Cat5 race.  19 of us were on the warmup track for a long time.  Lots of familiar faces out today, but there seemed to be a bit less people in all the groups.  Either way, Tim, Fergus, Uri, and two other guys from Chica Sexy were out, as was Alex, Josh (not Jake), Percy (who has his 3rd kid on the way, ballin’), and a new guy I met today named Mario, were all in attendance.

Scratch: 10 laps.  Alex went off the front for the first 4 laps, but was eventually caught.  I was watching everything go down from the back.  Muscle Milk Cat2 road guy apparently took the win.

Miss and Out: I had better positioning this week, and was at the front for about 2 laps before people started coming over the top.  I think I lasted about 6 laps?  An improvement over last week’s 3 laps, and the first night’s 1 lap.  Maybe by the end of the season, I’ll give myself a real opportunity to actually race.

Points: 12 laps, points every 3.  On the first sprint, the whole group pretty much exploded.  I was caught off the back, which was stupid, and rode to catch up to the main group up ahead.  By time I caught back up, there was another sprint for points, and the group started riding away from me.  Not ideal, so I opted to just exit on the back straight.  Or I could’ve just continued to race, knowing I’d probably never catch up to them.  Fail.

Snowball: 1 point for the first rider across the line on the first lap, increasing in points per lap, 10 points for the first rider across the line on the last lap.  Somewhere in the middle of the race, the group began to split.  Two riders were off the front initially, but I guess they were brought back.  I was somewhere near the back riding horribly, as usual.  In the closing laps, the pace started getting all fast and such, and on the bell lap, I was basically off the back of the main group, watching everything go down.

I really need to ride more, haha.  Fun times, either way.  Definitely glad I made it out.  Also, in previous weeks, the commute has been 2 hours and 15 minutes, whether it be 101 or 280 straight down.  Today, I took 280, 85, 87, and then a series of streets to get to the velodrome, and it only took me 1:45.  Proud day.

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Ran out to the ballpark and back for lunch.  The weather was a lot windier than expected, but surprisingly, there were a lot of people out, which made running through the crowd kind of a pain.  Still had a good time out, though.

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A tad bit of rain on today’s run out to the ballpark.  Luckily, I packed my lightweight shell, which helped a bit with staying warm.  The rain wasn’t too bad – there were a lot less people walking along the Embarcadero, which was nice.  I was hoping to get a ride in when I woke up, but that plan quickly changed when I decided to get more sleep.  Oh well.

Today also marks the first day of spring.  Farewell, winter!

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A quiet morning out in Marin, pretty typical.  I don’t think anything cool really happened, other than my legs feeling like utter crap after about an hour of riding.  The other thing is that the battery in my heart rate monitor is going out, or something, so it’s reading all wacky for the first 15 minutes which is kind of a pain.  Hit a bit of traffic on the bridge on the way back, figured I’d pull over to take the shot above.  As the bridge construction mini truck thing pulled away, Rustie called out to me just as I was pulling my phone out.  Good seeing you out!  I’ve been meaning to get out more often, so I’m stoked when I see people I know out riding.

Have a good Tuesday, everyone!

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Took some time today to get out of the office and run.  Lots of people along the Embarcadero which kind of made running out to the ball park and back kind of a pain, but manageable.  We’ll see how the rest of the week pans out!  There’s suppose to be some rain coming our way in the next two days.

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Managed to get out for a 3.5 mile run for lunch.  The weather has been stellar the past couple of days, and with the days now ending later because of daylight savings time, I expect spring to be amazing!  Tons of people out, which is refreshing for a change.  Only 9 days until winter is over.

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At least the path along the Embarcadero was open today – I was able to run 3.6 miles round trip, out to the ballpark and back without too much trouble.  Though I did go out in the middle of lunchtime, it was absolutely packed along the Ferry Building…

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I’ll keep this short, considering I don’t even really know what to write.  Funny thing is that I still thought about all the cool stuff I’d write when I got back home, but all of it seemed to fade away as I put the bike back on the wall.  I did happen to see Maurice heading down into Sausalito as I was riding out, so that was kind of cool.  Now I’m ready to go to work.

Midweek.  Hope everyone has a good day!

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Opted for running at lunch to recoup some time for sleep this morning…not ideally how I want my week to go, but I’m hoping the running is at least keeping me from falling completely out of shape.  I’ve been running the other direction, towards Ghiridelli Square, instead of towards the ballpark since they closed a massive section of the roadway off last week.  Hopefully they’ll open it soon, because dodging all the tourists is no fun.

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