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Scratch: 20 laps.  This one got a bit hairy with 3 left to race (I think).  Mario unclipped out of his pedal, accidentally, causing a bit of chaos on the wind up to the finish.  I flicked the front of the bike into the apron, quickly looking back to see if anyone else was caught up in the field.  With 1 guy off the front, and a handful of us chasing, now the race was getting interesting.  I saw the rest of the field upright, Mario rode his bike off the track, safely.  3 of us were chasing down the guy off the front.  I ended up placing 5th, or 6th at the end, which was pretty good considering how crazy it became near the end.  Kept it rubber side down, as did everyone else, that’s a good day.

Snowball: 10 laps.  I think there was a select group off the front.  I didn’t really place.

Points: 25 laps, points every 5.  Pretty much watched this one from the mid-field.  Things started splintering off early on, but the pace was kept pretty low, so all the dropped riders were able to catch back up.  Made a final push near the end, but wasn’t really positioned too well for the sprint, so I ended up near the front, but not far enough ahead to score points.

Fun night of racing, either way.  Good seeing everyone!

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I’m been just stashing a bunch of pictures mostly because I haven’t had time to upload.  Here are some.

Up on the roof at work.

Looking towards the Bay Bridge.



Air conditioning, or something.

6pm sundown.

The side of a building.

Grant Street, Moon Festival.

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There were a lot less people out on the Embarcadero today when I headed out for the run.  Tomorrow, I’ll be heading over to the lasik surgeon’s office for my evaluation, so I think I’ll take lunch a tad earlier and head out for some stairs, if I can.  I just want to know if I’m a candidate for the surgery or not, the wait feels like it’s been forever.

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Saturday’s cruise.

I forgot how much fun it was riding with risers.  Granted, the feeling was offset by the massive amounts of tourists everywhere, but I guess it could’ve been worse.  I decided to ride up to the Headlands since I hadn’t been back in a long time.  The view was stellar, as usual – as I headed back down and across the bridge, the fog started rolling in fast and the winds started becoming stronger.  The last days of summer are upon us.

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Went up to the roof today while some of my co-workers were getting their photographs taken for our new website, and ended up holding a light reflector to illuminate the back of people’s heads.  Previous to that, the day was stacked with two important meetings – I left a tad earlier than usual for the run, and was able to make it back in time for the second meeting.  I love getting out of the office because coming back with fresh eyes is the best.

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Thursday’s ride.

Rear derailleur issues.  Not ideally how I wanted to start the ride, but it managed to (barely) hold it together until I fiddled with the barrel adjuster.  It was still skipping the cogs near the top, but the rest of the gears seemed to ride as they should, so I was able to ride back home on it.

Oh well.

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Flatland running at lunchtime, once again.  A lot less tourists out and about, but still a decent amount of people walking around down by the Ferry Building.  I managed to move around a bit more today, which was nice to see for a change.  I guess that’s pretty much it.

I’m just tired from the riding in the morning, and running in the afternoon.  Excited for the deep sleep to come.

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Tuesday’s ride.

Hello Disney cruise, welcome to San Francisco.  A couple moments before this, I saw the Mission Cycling guys gathering at the beginning of the bridge.  I saw this big ship coming from the coast and first thought it was a cargo liner of sorts.  But then I started seeing the flashes of passengers taking photographs.  Naturally, I had to stop and take a photo of them taking a photo of the bridge.

The rest of the ride went well – Matthew, a road commuter, caught up to me somewhere on my way back, and we proceeded to ride all the way back to the city trading pulls.  At the edge of the bike path in Sausalito, we caught up to 2 guys who were lingering on our wheels, unwilling to take a turn up front which was a bit odd.  Finally, after a long while, just before the hill out of the city began, they moved up to the front.  By time the Marina hit, there were 6 of us.  Everyone pretty much split off at Fort Mason.

Normal Tuesday.

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I like sleep.  Nearly 11 hours of it left me feeling much more refreshed, especially for a Monday.  I was excited to run stairs, and I love the fact it’s getting slightly colder everyday.  Time to start putting in the work.

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