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New Wheels.

Better photos of the new wheels:



See full specs on Velospace.

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CAAD5 Track.


I like seeing other Cannondales in the wild.

Originally from Velospace.

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I just like this shot a lot.

Originally from FFC.

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Ran out to the ballpark and back for lunch, and was able to step out of the office a couple times to get some fresh air.  Too much time in front of a computer makes me feel like I’m being lazy, so walking around helps.  Side note, it’s been hilariously windy lately – I’m hoping it’s going to die down soon, because yesterday, it hit 50mph+ along the Marina Greens.

I’m waiting on tubulars to come in so I can get this wheelset on the track:


Not bad for the price.

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The track is awesome.

It’s 11:02pm but I’m going to type this up quick before I forget all the funny details.  Huge turnout at the velodrome, a lot more than usual, I heard.  The Cat5 men’s group was 20+ riders deep, and there were 4 categories total: Cat5 men, juniors/women, Cat3/4 men, and then the P/1/2/3 men’s group.  $15 for 4 events: scratch, tempo, miss and out, and points.  I showed up a tad later than most because I was stuck in traffic for quite a long time.  Apparently 101 isn’t the best way to get down to San Jose on a Wednesday.  Definitely taking 280 next time…carpooling if possible.  Anyway, after showing up to the track, throwing on the shoes and helmet, I was off to warming up.  Spinning around near the edge of the track seeing a ton of familiar faces: Fergus, Tim, Steve (Chica Sexy), Gabe, Zack (BRITEsport), and more people I’m forgetting.

Scratch: 10 laps, first rider across the line gets points.  I was not in the best position for the scratch, which was my own fault.  And soon I realized that most of my effort through the short race would be dodging slow wheels and riding up the track to pass people.  It was a lot of fun though, first race of the day, definitely a good opener.  Lots of weird movement from some people, which made riding and passing a bit hairy at times, but no crashes, so just a solid experience either way.

Tempo: 10 laps, sprint points every lap with the first rider getting 2 points, second rider getting 1…?  Again, a race where fighting for position is key.  About halfway through the tempo race, I realized that I was (again) getting caught up with slow wheels, and (again) spending a lot of energy to catch faster wheels up farther in the bunch.  No crashes, no complaints.

Miss and out: 19 laps (I think) because our field was 22, with the last rider getting pulled every lap.  Once there are 3 riders left, it’s 1 lap to go until a sprint finish.  In this race, positioning is everything.  I know because I was the first rider to get pulled just 1 lap in – pretty damn sad and embarrassing, but yea.  I had the general idea of the race in my head but all of that kind of went out the window once I saw 3 riders in front of me like a wall, with no where to squeeze in.  I wasn’t nearly as fun watching this from the warmup track, but oh well.  Next time.

Points: 12 laps with points awarded to top 4 riders (5, 3, 2, and 1 point, I believe) every 3 laps?  Again, with pretty bad positioning, I ended up near the back and had to fight on the outer edge to pass up people.  At one point, I was slightly off the front, but got burnt out with 1 to go.

I might’ve gotten tempo and points descriptions’ mixed up.  Someone will probably correct me later.

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Purple fade colorway rocks.  1981.

See more on Velospace.

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Fergus at the velodrome.  Local racing.

Originally from Joe Siwa.

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Clean Vivalo!  I like the anodized Araya’s with gumwalls.

Originally from Velospace.

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Eugene’s Low.  I remember when this guy was looking for carbon rims but didn’t know what he wanted.  Finally made the jump after I had the shop build me the Reynolds.  Good times.

Originally from Low.

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Superb Sprint.


Chub hubs to H+Son TB14’s.  It’s always made me kind of curious.  That being said, this is a cool frameset.

More on PedalRoom.

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